This Giant Inflatable Rolling Wheel Brings Fun And Exercise Together

With most children homeschooling these days, chances are many of them barely even play outdoors anymore. While there’s the pandemic to blame, longer and unrestricted screen times are certainly a contributing factor as well. So, as parents, it’s necessary to re-establish a healthy balance between physical activities and screen time. And if you’re looking to get your little ones moving and sweating again, then this giant inflatable rolling wheel might just do the trick.

Created by HearthSong, the same company behind this inflatable easel, the Roll With It works just like a hamster wheel that’s designed for kids. So, your little ones can hop on to it and get it moving by running inside it while simultaneously pushing it with their hands. Aside from running on it, kids can also lie down and roll in it for hours just like a log! And if they’re up for a major workout, they can also roll the wheel from the outside.

giant inflatable rolling wheel for kids


roll with it giant inflatable rolling wheel


Engage your kids in physical activities with the help of this giant inflatable rolling wheel!

Made of durable materials, this oversized running wheel features reinforced seams to ensure your children’s safety despite vigorous pushing and running. It has an internal diameter of 45″ and a maximum capacity of 200 lbs. Despite its massive size, you shouldn’t have a problem inflating and deflating it using an electric pump which you have to purchase separately.

roll with it giant inflatable rolling wheel for outdoor play


roll with it inflatable toy dimensions


roll with it blow up running toy two stage air valve

Keep in mind that this rainbow wheel is not suitable for use on rough and rocky surfaces. Likewise, be sure to keep it away from sharp objects like sticks and needles to prevent punctures. The company also advises against using it on ice or snow, as well as in temperatures below 50 degrees. To ensure the kids’ safety, adult supervision is necessary at all times when using this inflatable wheel.

kids playing outdoors with blow up running wheel


giant rainbow colored inflatable rolling wheel

One satisfied buyer wrote:

“What an awesome toy! This thing is huge! You will absolutely need some kind of compressor or blower to fill it up, but it is really cool when it is done. You could fit about 2 6-year-olds in it with no problem. A lightweight adult could easily play with it too.”

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Witness this massive running wheel in action via the video below

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