Treat Your Loved One To A Box Of Chocolate Anuses This Valentine’s Day

Who wants to take a bite of a sweet chocolate anus? So, you may think that is a strange question but chocolate is one of the best gifts for Valentine’s Day. And the truth is, chocolates can be a fun gift if you know how to pick the right one. Good thing that these exist because now chocolates for Valentine’s Day will never be boring again.

These whimsical treats are made with premium Belgian milk chocolate. And just like the name implies, these chocolatey goodies are shaped like buttholes. Needless to say, these naughty chocolates aren’t something you’ll be giving to your kids. Rather, this quirky treat makes a perfect adult novelty gift for Valentine’s Day.

premium milk chocolate butthole

But, these chocolates aren’t actually a new phenomenon. They were introduced in 2006 by a London artist in an exhibition. Now don’t ask how the chocolate buttholes are made. But let us tell you one thing – the mold used in the making of these treats is actually casted from the butt of an actual person. And please, don’t ask us who it was. We’ll just leave that to your imagination. Due to its remarkably unique shape, the Edible Anus finally found its way to the market. And voila – it became one of the hottest items of 2015.


The Edible Anus is made from Belgian milk chocolate and it is molded into a butthole shape

chocolate anus
Edible Anus


edible chocolate anus


edible butthole shaped treats

Since we needed a good laugh to brush away all the negative vibes we decided to feature these funny chocolates once again. Seriously, this is all we need to survive this ‘shitty’ year. They’re available in three different flavors – milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate. So, this Valentine’s Day, express your love to your loved ones and add a little bit of fun and mischief into the mix. Get them here.

edible anus assorted
Edible Anus


Get them here.