The Mini Briefcase Barbecue Is One For The BBQ Addict When Traveling Anywhere

Enjoy fresh-off-the-grill food on your picnic with this portable mini briefcase barbecue. Do you have your summer plans prepared already? Regardless of how many fun activities you have on your summer list, we’re pretty sure you have included going on a picnic with your best friend. Are you planning to have a picnic at the beach, in the park or in the forest? Wherever you prefer to have your picnic, it’s a must to bring a charcoal grill with you. Because seriously, no one can possibly enjoy an outdoor picnic without juicy barbecue food.

A summer picnic is all about enjoying the outdoors, indulging in delectable food and bonding with your family or friends. But if the thought of hauling a bulky, full-sized grill gets you down then this mini barbecue might help you with that. Designed for ultimate portability and functionality, this handy charcoal grill comes in the form of a tiny suitcase. No bigger than a kid’s lunchbox, this grill measures 15.75 inches tall, 7.5 inches wide and 2.25 inches deep. It also comes with a convenient handle that lets you carry it like a normal suitcase.


Mini Briefcase Barbecue

mini briefcase barbecue

This mini barbecue is easy to carry and easy to use. Simply open the case and the grill will pop up. This freestanding grill has a pair of built-in kickstands so it stays stable on any flat surface. Fill the internal basket with charcoal then carefully pour lighter fluid evenly over the coals. Wait for 30 seconds before lighting the coals. Place the rack over the burning charcoals and wait until the coals properly heat up before you start cooking.

mini briefcase barbecue grill


mini briefcase barbecue box

Considering its size, this mini grill can only accommodate cooking for 2 people. The size of the rack is just enough to fit two sausages, two medium-sized burger patties, one big steak or five BBQ skewers at once. This portable cooking equipment is made of stainless steel, silicone, aluminum and iron. It also includes an ash catcher for a mess-free cooking.

portable suitcase charcoal grill

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