17 Awesome Kitchen Hacks You Wish You Knew


It’s always good to have a few tricks up your sleeve when it comes to food prep. Does your salad wilt within minutes of taking it out of the bag? No problem, we have a trick up our sleeve to prevent this from happening. Is your wine always just the wrong side of room temperature? Chill it easily with the very cool trick below! Find out all this and more and never be stuck for ideas in the kitchen ever again!


apple sauce

No sugar? No worries. Unsweetened apple sauce works a treat in many recipes.


zucchini pasta

Make zoodles (zucchini noodles) for a fun and healthy meal!


keep greens fresh

Blowing into a bag of salad before you seal it will ensure it stays fresher for longer.


yogurt popsicles

Yogurt popsicles are fun, healthy and a breeze to make!


eggs in water

If an egg sinks in a glass of water it is fresh. When an end rises a little, use your egg soon. If the egg floats then trash it!


floss soft food

No more food covered knives!


sauce bottle pancake

Thoroughly wash out your ketchup bottle before filling it with pancake batter. This way you can keep the bottle in the fridge and have pancakes for breakfast every day!


wine grapes

Freeze green grapes for white wine and red grapes for red wine to keep your drink beautifully chilled without being watered down. Yummier than ice cubes too!


peeling ginger

Peel ginger easily with a spoon.


wooden spoon boiling water

A wooden utensil over a boiling pot ensures that it will not boil over.


taco oven

Soft taco shells cooked upside down over the oven rack gives you crunchy tacos every time!



lemon lime

When your recipe calls for lemon or lime juice, roll the fruits over the counter before cutting them in half. This will make the most of all that lovely juice inside!


grate butter

If you need butter in your recipe but it is too cold to cut, grate it!


ice cubes

Get picture perfect ice cubes by using boiling water.


marshmallows brown sugar

Place marshmallows in an airtight brown sugar container to keep your sugar soft.


corn cob bundt

Stop corn on the cob slipping when removing the kernels by placing an end in the hole of a Bundt pan.


herbs ice cube trays

Chop fresh herbs, place in an olive oil filled ice cube tray and use as needed by throwing a cube into any recipe.

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