Woman Turns Her Porch Into A Giant Cookie Monster For Halloween

Step up your Halloween decorating game this year and draw inspiration from this witty Pennsylvania-based woman. We all know that jack-o’-lanterns, skulls, bats, and ghouls are spooky season staples. But Lisa Boll decided to stray away from all these creepy creatures. Instead, she built a giant Cookie Monster Halloween decoration for her porch. Just how cute and awesome is that! Not to mention, it sure does look more inviting for trick-or-treating children.

Cookie Monster in Apron and Toque Holding Two Pumpkin Cookies
Cookie Monster

So, how did she manage to transform her front door into Cookie Monster? Well, being the owner of Deck Restorations of York, Boll knew her way around making old porches stunning again. She made use of the existing shrubbery at her home’s front entrance. Luckily, the shape of the vines already resembled the shape of Cookie Monster’s face. As such, all she needed to do was to paint them in Cookie Monster’s bright blue color.

To complete the look, she also created two Styrofoam googly eyes, and of course, a huge chocolate chip cookie. Because what’s a giant Cookie Monster without a giant cookie, right? Om nom nom nom!



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As expected, her grandiose front porch received praises not just from her neighbors but from various news outlets as well. Besides, nothing screams “Treats!” more than Cookie Monster holding a huge cookie at your front door. Hence, there’s no doubt that her creation attracted tons of kids in their neighborhood. Plus, it’s a breath of fresh amidst all the orange and black eerie décors.

“It was surprising how many people get a big kick out of it, so it’s good, it’s fun for Halloween and it’s not a horror thing so it appeals to kids under the age of three, it’s not scary.”



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And in case you haven’t heard, this year also marks Sesame Street’s 50th anniversary. As a fan, Boll’s massive masterpiece was also her way of paying homage to the iconic TV show. Anyway, we can only hope for the other cast to make their appearance on her front lawn.

Sesame Street 50th Anniversary Banner Featuring Cookie Monster Holding Cookies
Cookie Monster