37 People Share The Scariest Pumpkins They Have Ever Seen

Adults may have successfully grown out of their fear of the dark, the boogeyman, and other spooky creatures. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re not scared of anything anymore. In fact, there’s probably a lot more things that creep adults out now than ever. And since Halloween is just around the corner, we’ve gathered a new wave of funny pumpkin ideas for your jack-o’-lanterns. This time, they’re not going after Stingy Jack nor evil spirits—they’re going after you and your fellow adults.

We all know that Halloweens are never complete without pumpkin carving activities. As a matter of fact, this tradition dates back to the early 19th century in Ireland. It’s just back then, Irish people used turnips and potatoes instead of pumpkins. After over a century later, this practice still remains relevant these days. Now, instead of the typical creepy face, people have come up with other “scary” things to carve on these pumpkins. And we’re pretty sure that these carvings will leave all adults out there chilling to the bones.

From paying taxes, rising house prices, to facing the future itself, these pumpkin carvings surely speak harsh and terrifying truths. And sure enough, it’s impossible to escape them. It’s kids’ turn now to tell their beloved grown-ups to face their fears. Well, not for long! Time will come, and these kids will grow up and find these things scary too.



So, be thankful if you’re still a few years away from facing the horrors that come with adulthood. In the meantime, show this post to all the adults at your home and just marvel at their priceless reactions. Meanwhile, if you’re an adult reading this, be kind and share the terror with a fellow grown-up. We’re sure that you won’t find any horror movie scarier than these carvings! Enjoy!

Check out more of these funny pumpkin carving ideas below: