Space Saving Ideas Anyone With A Small Home Needs To Know

Most of us have known the trials and tribulations that come with living in a small space at some point or another. Whether you’re sharing a bedroom with siblings, living in a college dorm, or moving into your first tiny apartment, properly utilizing the small amount of space you have is vital if you want to be able to fit in all your belongings without your home looking like something out of Hoarders. If you need some pointers, take a look at these awesome space saving ideas. 

This amazing blind folds down into a laundry drying rack.

A vertical shoe rack can be a space-saving miracle. 

Find it here.

This tiny table pulls out to seat ten! 

Stairs meet storage.

This cute pop-up table takes up next to no room when folded down.

This oven actually pushes down into the counter when not in use. Incredible!

The Podpad is an iPod docking station and fold-out desk in one. 

This ping-pong table door is probably the best thing ever.

This wall-mounted folding table doubles as a picture frame when folded up.

These four-in-one chairs are stylish and functional.

This handy storage unit can also be folded out to use as a desk.

Find it here.

This compact dining table and chairs is beyond cool.

If you have a balcony, you need this!

Check out this video to see some excellent space-saving solutions from this 60 square-meter “five room” apartment.


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