This Oreo Holiday Cookie House Kit Is Giving The Gingerbread House A Run For Its Money

The tradition of putting together gingerbread houses dates all the way back to the 1800s. Now, there’s a new holiday cookie house on the block. And it has a strong chance of deposing the gingerbread house from our holiday spread. Because this year, Oreo is pulling out all the stops to celebrate the upcoming holiday season with the Oreo Holiday Cookie House Kit.

A cookie house made entirely from chocolate Oreo cookies. Our favorite sandwich cookie just outdid the witch from Hansel and Gretel with this kit! With this cookie house’s walls are made from chocolate cookies – there’s really no contest here anymore. And, Big Lot, on its product page, declared:

“Get the family together for some afternoon fun! This kit includes everything you need to build and create your very own Oreo holiday chocolate cookie house. It comes with pre-baked chocolate cookie pieces, pre-made icing, Oreo cookies, Oreo Mini cookies, fruity gummies, and candy jewels. Just open the box and start building!”

The Oreo Holiday Cookie House kit will surely be a key element in ushering the merry spirit of the holiday season.

oreo holiday cookie house kit
Big Lots


oreo holiday cookie house
Big Lots

Judging from the super tempting contents of the Oreo Holiday Cookie House kit, an extraordinary amount of self-control is necessary in order to actually accomplish this cookie house. So we recommend that you prepare a separate set of Oreos that you can nibble on when you feel peckish. Just to make sure that the cookie house actually has a chance of being finished completely, with no missing components.

This year appears to be a wonderful year for Oreo fans. Oreo has been busy expanding their domain with multiple collaborations and exclusive releases, like the Oreo Mint McFlurry, the Most Stuf Oreo, and the the Halloween-exclusive Oreo Boo Cookies.

At the moment, Oreo Halloween Cookie House kit is currently sold out at Big Lots, for obvious reasons. But we’re pretty sure that they’ll be churning out some more kits as the holiday seasons inches towards us. But if you really can’t wait, you can also try combing through the shelves of your favorite grocery store. Apparently Instagram food blogger @thejunkfoodaisle has spotted the kit at CVS.

Well, it’s safe to say that Oreo has turned us all into Hansels and Gretels, don’t you agree?