Matching Oreo Ugly Christmas Sweaters Will Complete Your Holiday Look

If you think you’ll never give in to the ugly sweater trend, then you better think again. You might have successfully resisted the horribly cute Disney Christmas sweaters. However, we don’t think you can do the same with this Oreo ugly Christmas sweater. After all, cookies make the best lure to come to the dark side, don’t they? Besides, who could possibly say no to these chocolate sandwich cookies?

Oreo has teamed up with clothing brand, Shinesty, for this holiday sweater. Actually, it’s not as ugly as you would have imagined. For starters, it features a slim fitting knit material in different shades of blue. The sweater’s front design features a big Oreo cookie dunked in a splash of milk. In addition, it also has smaller Oreo cookies and snowflakes printed all over it.


Couple in Oreo Ugly Christmas Sweater


The Oreo ugly Christmas sweater is the perfect gift for any Oreo lover out there

Oreo Ugly Christmas Sweater Front


Oreo Ugly Christmas Sweater Back

Quite frankly, we wouldn’t mind crashing any party with this pullover on. In fact, the cookie brand has even made a bold claim in its product description:

“The OREO Milk Dunking Ugly Christmas Sweater is the only sweater to literally break the internet. With an ultrasoft knit material and a hilarious print, you’ll be the center of attention at any office party or mall line.”

You can order this unisex Christmas pullover from both Oreo’s website and Shinesty’s website. The size ranges from extra small to extra extra large. Be sure to check either site’s sizing guide to find the perfect size for you.

In addition to this pullover, Shinesty is also offering tons of other Oreo-themed holiday get ups. This includes pajamas, onesies, pajama overalls, or pajamaralls, and a Double Stuf Oreo two-person sweater.


Oreo Christmas Pajamas

Man in Oreo Christmas Pajama


Lady in Oreo Christmas Pajama

Oreo Christmas Onesies

Couple in Oreo Christmas Onesie

Oreo Pajamaralls

Couple in Oreo Pajama Overalls

Double Stuf Oreo Christmas Sweaters

Couple in Double Stuf Oreo Christmas Sweater

So, what are you waiting for? Grab yours now and wear it proudly as you munch on some of Oreo’s holiday flavors.