You Can Get A Trailer Hitch Stand For Your Truck That Holds A Couple Of Hammocks/Loungers

Relax in utmost comfort wherever your wheels take you with this trailer hitch hammock stand. A hammock has become a must-have for camping, tailgate parties, leisure road trips, and other outdoor recreation. Indeed, portable chairs have become boring. So, why go for a lifeless lounging when you can have a comfortable spot that can gently swing you and lets you drift into deep relaxation?

There’s just one problem with hammocks, though. Unlike portable chairs that you can simply place on anywhere, a hanging chair would require a sturdy base or support to hang it on to. Well, consider that problem solved because this trailer hitch hammock stand will turn the tailgate of your truck or SUV into a swaying lounge. This 3-piece set includes one sturdy leg support and two arm supports. Simply install the leg support into your existing trailer hitch and mount the arms into the main base. Secure them in place by using the included bolts. Insert the hanging attachments at the end of the bent poles so you can set the hammock in place.


Trailer Hitch Hammock Stand

truck suv tailgate hanging chair attachment

This trailer hitch hammock stand can be used two ways. To set up one parachute hammock, mount the arms into the base with the upper ends of the poles positioned wider apart to allow the hanging bed to stretch out. If you want to set up two hanging chairs, simply reverse the position of the arms by mounting the other ends into the main base. This will keep the upper ends higher and closer to each other to let you hang two hammocks side by side.

truck suv tailgate attachment hanging bed


trailer hitch hammock stand full-sized hanging bed

You can opt to get the 3-piece trailer hitch hammock stand or the complete set that includes 2 cradle chairs and one parachute hammock. Of course, adding a pair of hammocks and one parachute hammock in your purchase will set you back extra cost (around $150). But it significantly saves you the hassle and time of buying separate hammocks.

trailer hitch hammock stand hanging chairs


trailer hitch hammock stand

The trailer hitch hammock stand is made from heavy duty powder coated steel. Each arm can support up to 250 lbs of weight. When both arms is used to support one full-sized parachute hammock, it can sustain up to 500 lbs of weight. It attaches to any standard 2-inches receivers on your truck or SUV.

truck suv tailgate hanging bed attachment


trailer hitch hammock stand hanging parachute bed


truck suv tailgate attachment for hanging chairs


Check out this amazing product in action on the video below

Source: Amazon | Hammaka