Annoying Habits That Couples Overlook To Keep Each Other Happy

We all know that no one is perfect. So, when you find someone that you love, you bear in mind that there will be a few things that they will do that are bound to get on your nerves. For example, nail biting, constant video gaming or breaking wind every other minute! Of course, it’s important to be able to air your issues with your partner, however, sometimes you need to pick your battles and decide what’s worth causing an upset. Here we have a list of annoying habits that couples overlook to keep each other happy. Take a look!
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We’ve all felt like this once or twice! Better to do this than hurt someone’s feelings. Unless, of course, the nagging is genuinely constant. In that case, better communication is needed! 

Playing video games is fine. Ignoring your partner is plain rude!

If there’s no trust, what’s the point?

This partner has nailed putting the other person first. 

Personally we couldn’t live with this! Not knowing would cripple us. 

We don’t blame this person for not saying anything to be honest! 

At least this person admits their issue and can recognize that it’s irrational. 

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If he doesn’t know, he can’t make you feel reassured! 

This is a tough one to tackle! 

It’s okay to have different tastes! 

Some people need extra reassurance sometimes. 

Strange but each to their own!

This would bug us too! 

We hope that this person found the strength to realize that they are worth more than this.