Jeweler Kelly Graham Decorated Her Floor With 7500 Pennies And It Looks Like A Mosaic Masterpiece

Everyone was impressed when celebrity Kat Von D shared photos of her spectacular penny floor on Instagram. Apparently, everyone loved the idea of adorning the floor with pennies in different shades. But it turned out that the idea of a DIY penny floor was first coined by a jeweler named Kelly Graham. As a matter of fact, Graham completed her dazzling floor mosaic way back in 2015. And it has been gracing her home for 5 years now. When Kat Von D’s post went viral, Graham decided to make her masterwork known too by sharing it on Facebook.

Graham owns the company Camias Jewelry Designs that specializes in making bridal accessories inspired by Bohemian and Celtic art. As a professional jeweler, Graham has an eye for spatial reasoning. With a large collection of various coins in her hands, she thought of laying the 7,500 pennies on her 6 x 6 foot floor. And that’s how her penny floor project started. Finally in 2015, she completed the floor project which featured a stunning mosaic design using coins in various shades.


Jeweler Shares Her DIY Penny Floor Project Online And People Are Now Creating Their Own

Right after Graham shared photos of her very own penny floor on Facebook, her post quickly went viral. It was also featured on several online publications globally. Many people have been asking her how to make the penny floor. Graham revealed that she only needed some basic supplies to complete the project. She started by sorting and separating the coins by their shades and sheen.



Following the pattern on her mosaic design, she caulked the back of each coin before setting them on the floor. She waited for a few days for the caulking to solidify before grouting. After a week, she sealed the surface with a poly coat since it would get a lot of foot traffic. Graham also revealed that the penny floor still looks good as new 5 years later. When asked about the overwhelming attention her project is receiving thus far, she said she’s happy that her creativity and hard work are finally paying off, even if it took 5 years for it to be recognized.




“It was surreal and astounding. I’m so pleased something I made 5 years ago was so well received 5 years later. Case in point, sometimes it takes awhile to be seen for something creative or artistic you’ve done, but also a message do not ever give up.”, she said.



Source: Camias Jewelry Designs | Her Etsy store