Genius Ways To Use LEGO That Never Crossed Your Mind Before

Many of you reading this will have grown up enjoying playing with LEGO, and some of you might have even gone as far as to watch your kids do it also! It’s no secret that the building bricks are great fun to play with. However, there are so many varying uses for LEGO that probably never even crossed you mind! We’re willing to bet you’ll want to replicate at least a few of these genius LEGO creations. Take a look below to see some incredible examples that you’re sure to love!

Battleship is a game loved by many. It’s partially about luck, however, strategy is hugely important. If you ever suddenly have a craving to play the game, but don’t actually own it, you could get creative and assemble your own. The results are fully functional and it looks great too! May the best Battle-shipper win. 

lego battleship game

Many of us will have a bird feeder situated somewhere around our home. Seeing varying beautiful birds popping by for a snack can be a lovely sight to behold. However, there’s no denying that some feeders can be a little mundane and boring. If you want something super cool and unique, why not build your own LEGO one? The local birds will be flocking to see your genius LEGO creations! 

lego birdfeeder

Bookends always come in super handy. But, as with many things, your choices can be limited. However, there is a solution! Grab your favorite building blocks and get to designing something that you love. The possibilities are endless! This one might take a little thought and practice, however, the results will definitely be worth the effort! We love the example below. 

lego bookends

Many establishments will have cards situated at their reception desks for people to take. However, the way they are presented can be pretty poor. Sometimes they are simply sitting there in a pile, or, they might have some sort of plain and boring holder. This isn’t great for grabbing a customer’s attention. Why not engage the creative part of your brain and build you own LEGO themed holder? 

lego business card holder

Cables are something that many people neglect to keep neat and organized. It’s just too easy to let things get into a mess. But, have you ever noticed that the hands on the little LEGO figurines are the perfect size for holding things such as charger cables? We love the idea below and are already imagining how we can replicate it in our own way!  

lego cable organizer

Next up on our list of genius LEGO creations is this awesome clock! This is really simple to create but looks great. Adding something interesting to your wall that is colorful and engaging is a good idea because it reduces how depressing it can feel to clock-watch. You can also switch things up and change the pieces every time that you get bored of the design. 

lego clock

There’s no need to shell out cash on fancy coasters when you have everything you need to create an awesome set from the comfort of your home. Using the thinner pieces of LEGO, you can layer up in any way you see fit. Consequently, you will be the proud new owner of a unique set of coasters! Make sure the pieces are tightly squeezed together so that no drips leak through! 

lego coasters

Anyone who is into computers will know that many people like to switch up their cases. Now, we aren’t particularly knowledgeable on this subject so we did a little research. If you’re considering building something like in the image below it’s best that you do the same because there are some important things to consider when it comes to things like temperature and air flow. Never the less, we love the look of the example below! 

lego computer case

We can’t get enough of these genius LEGO creations! Here we have one that is slightly different from what we’ve seen so far. This particular example doesn’t involve bricks, but you could choose to decorate your pieces however you please. Also, you’re not just limited to ear rings as you could make nose studs, belly bars and more! What a great idea! 

lego earrings

Not everyone is naturally good at math. Grasping numbers and how they work isn’t always easy. You may never have noticed but LEGO pieces make for fantastic aids when teaching math. They are particularly useful as visual aids for fractions, but are still great for things like basic addition/subtraction. In conclusion, this could help both children and adults alike. 

lego explaining maths

This has got to be one of our favorite ideas so far. If you can’t recognize what kind of atmosphere the person responsible for the image below is trying to recreate, you should be ashamed! Allow your fish to swim happily in a Super Mario themed world by fashioning some castle pieces! We love the clouds, they are the perfect touch! 

lego fish tank

Most of us have been in that awkward last minute situation where someone’s birthday has come around and we have no wrapping paper or gift bags lying around. So, what do you do? Panic and over react? Never! You could create an awesome LEGO gift box in next to no time! The recipient of the gift is sure to be blown away and touched at your personal effort! 

lego gift box

To own this incredible creation would be a dream come true for anyone who is a fan of both guitars and Star Wars. You can just see the effort, dedication and planning that has gone into making this awesome piece. Even if this sort of thing isn’t your cup of tea personally, you can still appreciate it. Though the strings are real, unfortunately, the guitar is not playable. It still looks great though! 

lego guitar

The creativity some people possess is astounding! Not only this, but we never really realized how truly versatile LEGO was! Of course, we’ve always known you could create incredible sculptures, but, things like vases, lampshades and box covers never even occurred to us! We love that so many of these ideas are achievable even for those who aren’t particularly skilled with LEGO. Keep going to see even more brilliant ideas, you might just find your next project!

Decorating your Christmas tree is something many people find great joy in. Some people are very particular about how they like their trees to be decorated but other families like stamping random and personal touches. LEGO baubles are a great way to get your kids involved with Christmas. Not only do they get to have lots of fun, but they also get to feel like they are being helpful and useful. 

lego holiday ornamens

Keys are items that are so important to us yet so easily lost or misplaced. Many people have a designated bowl or even an official key holder but they can still be too easily ignored. This is often down to their designs. Why not get creative with your LEGO and assemble a bold and colorful key holder you simply won’t be able to ignore? We love the way the keys stick to the base! 

lego key keeper

It can be hard these days to have furnishings that are totally unique. Unless you get something custom made, there’s always a chance someone else has bought the same as you. If you want to ensure you have something that is a complete one of a kind, why not be bold and replicate what you see in the image below? It would take some planning and effort but you can’t deny how cool it looks! 

lego kitchen decor

We can’t get over how many genius LEGO creations there are out there! Moving on to our next awesome image, a LEGO lampshade! If you are thinking of recreating this idea, notice how there are plenty of gaps in the structure that will allow the light to shine through. These would look great in children’s bedrooms and would be great fun to put together! 

lego lampshade

Here we have another light themed creation… LEGO lanterns. Using clear pieces of the same color results in a really nice cloudy look. Although these would look lovely anywhere around the home, we think these would be a great asset for gardens. You could place them all around for a magical atmosphere! 

lego lanterns

If you’re feeling stumped on how to display your LEGO figurines, the solution could be closer than you think. Why not make use of the things you have at your disposal? Grab some LEGO pieces and use the image below for inspiration! This is a convenient and tidy idea that won’t draw any attention away from your actual figurines. 

lego mini figure display art

Items of matching jewelry are extremely popular and pretty much always have been. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, you name it! They can symbolize anything from the love between a couple, the love between friends and the love between family members. If you like this concept but can’t find anything you like in a store, you could choose to make your own! This adds a very personal touch and saves you some money.

lego necklace

We were blown away earlier by the Super Mario themed fish tank and we’re equally in love with this LEGO Quidditch Aquarium! If you’re an avid Harry Potter fan, this would look great in your home. What we like about this idea is that it not only looks fantastic but it looks quite simplistic to put together. Well done the the person who created this! 

lego quidditch aquarium

This sort of design won’t be to everyone’s taste but that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the effort and thought that has gone into it! It’s certainly an eye grabbing piece that is bursting with character. We’re not too sure we would want something like this in our homes but it would work wonderfully in an office or school environment! 

lego stairs

This LEGO Table looks like it would have been so much fun to put together! We wonder how long it took to get to a point where every blank space was covered perfectly? Again, a piece like this might be too bold for a home depending on your tastes but for those who like colorful and unique furniture this would be perfect! 

lego table

Tissue boxes can be so basic. We admit that tissues aren’t an exciting thing in themselves but it doesn’t mean that they can’t be presented nicely. Now, we aren’t suggesting that you go out and buy a fancy box simply to hold tissues, however, you could opt for making something similar to the awesome LEGO Tissue Box Case below! 

lego tissue box cover

This structure isn’t too far off of the tissue box case above. A box can be used for multiple things after all! If your kitchen is in need of a burst of color and maybe some extra storage space, building a LEGO utensil holder could be perfect! You can alter the height and width to suit your cooking apparatus. Once again, getting your kids involved in the creating process would be a great idea! 

lego utensil holder

We love the versatility of this idea. You could switch up the pattern of the vase case however often you please. You could even change the colors to match whatever flowers are within the case! This is a great gift idea to give to family members from kids. We knew LEGO was versatile but with each new idea we come across, we are impressed! 

lego vase

This LEGO Wall would be perfect for schools! Not only this, but there’s no reason why you can’t have one in your kid’s bedroom or play room. What’s great about this wall is that you can work on big projects spread out across the space or have numerous little ones going on. Also, if you ever got bored of the wall, you could simply take it down. 

lego wall

We’ve seen quite a few examples now of LEGO infused furniture in our list of genius LEGO creations. But, what we like about this one is that it is more subtle. The other ideas we’ve looked at have been very bold and in your face so it’s nice to see an interesting alternative. You can still customize this idea as much as you like. 

lego dining table

If you’re a hardcore gamer, we’re sure you like to take care of your gaming related possessions. Some people out there have multiple devices and multiple controllers but no where to properly store or display them. You won’t believe how easy it is to assemble your own controller stand! You can mix things up by swapping out the colors when you get bored. 

lego game controller

This one is perfect for kids. Not only can they get endless hours of fun playing with this marble run, they can also enjoy building the courses! This is suitable for any skill level as you can simply choose to make the course harder or easier. So, now when you need a bit of time to do some chores or make a phone call, you’ve got a great idea in the bank!

lego marble run

Personally, this look is a little cluttered for our tastes but we love the idea of decorating a mirror with a LEGO border! There’s so many different designs and patterns you could choose to use. With a LEGO mirror, your typical selfie will be made so much cooler. This is something we’re definitely going to replicate, if we can narrow down what design we want! There’s just so many options! 

lego mirror

When you have to wear formal wear, it can feel a little daunting, particularly if you never usually wear that kind of clothing. It’s not nice to feel that you aren’t yourself. But, there are ways to sneakily make yourself feel better. Add a personal touch of your own with some awesome cuff links! These can be anything you choose but personally we love the LEGO themed ones below! 

lego cufflinks

Have you ever noticed how many people just let their bars of soap sit on whatever surface getting all mucky? Some people do opt for a soap holder, but so many use nothing at all! A soap dish neatens the look of your bathroom or kitchen and stops any surfaces from getting residue on them. It doesn’t have to be a boring or mundane holder either, as the image below proves! 

soap display

The guy in the image below was given a LEGO tie bar as a Secret Santa gift and things quickly escalated. Although amusing, he highlights the great versatility in having a LEGO tie bar. The main image would probably be a little too heavy to lug around all day, but feel free to give it a try if you fancy! We’ll stick with the smaller designs we think… 

lego tie bar

If you’re someone who owns a huge amount of LEGO, why not make use of some of it by creating a LEGO storage unit? This will free you up some space, looks great and is super fun to build! Plus, what’s great is that if you ever need the LEGO for something, all you have to do is disassemble the unit. Just be careful not to trip and fall on it as we all know what stepping on LEGO feels like let alone lying in a pile of it! 

lego storage containers

The person whose thumb you see in the photo below was using a coffee stirrer as a splint. However, a doctor alerted the person that something stronger than this was needed. Luckily, they found a great and easily accessible solution that did just the trick! If we were going to do this we would probably have the LEGO bumps facing the other way though… 

lego stint

Here we have a trick that could really make a difference to your life! Some kids no matter how hard you try refuse to use soap for washing their hands. But, they might be inclined to use a dollop of awesome LEGO soap! Of course, the soap is no different, but the cool look shown in the image below can really interest a kid. It would interest us and we are adults! 

lego soap

Jazz up your garden with some awesome LEGO plant pots! Once again you could choose to color coordinate or go down the random route. Bear in mind that LEGO pieces are not air tight so make sure that everything is pressed together tightly to avoid leakage. These DIY pots work will well with both real and fake plants. 

lego plant pot

Getting your kids to eat healthy snacks such as fruit can be a difficult task, particularly if you’ve got fussy eaters. One helpful tip we can give you is to make the items you’re trying to get them to eat to look more appealing. A great way to do this is by pairing something they recognize and enjoy with the food. For example, LEGO! Building your own bowls can make certain items much more welcoming. 

lego bowls

We love this LEGO Chess board! You could customize this however you want. Switch up the figurines or even the colors and themes of the board! As long as everyone can remember which figurines represent which chess piece, you’ll be good to go! This is a great way to get kids engaged in playing a game that they might not usually be interested in. 

lego chess