Guys Share What The Life Of A Male Nurse Is Like

It’s been kind of imprinted in some people’s brains that when they hear “nurses,” it automatically means female. People should change their way of thinking and remember that it’s the 21st century, and both men and women can work in the same jobs now. But somehow, being a male nurse is still hard to believe for others. Here we have a list of guys sharing what the life of a male nurse is like. Take a look! 

That’s a bummer.

I’m sure you’re popular with that cocky attitude.

You should get your laundry done or someone’s going commando at work.

Some people just choose not to believe.

They may be just having some trust issues.

No more stressing over finding a date because grandma has already set you up!

Hold your horses, you still have patients to attend to.

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And I’m sure they love you for working very well.

She just had a feeling what you are up to.

Ohhh someone’s enjoying the view.

They’re just jealous you have a job and they don’t.

Got that right, brother!

Old people forget that they’re living in a new era where both men and women can have the same job.

Some doctors just don’t appreciate nurses.

They forget that you also went through the same process with women to become a nurse.

Does Grey’s Anatomy sound familiar?


Patients must really like you.

You’ll be the family’s savior!


It’s feels really nice to help people.

Good thing you meet different patients everyday!