Artist Heesoo Lee Creates Beautiful Ceramic Vases And Bowls Inspired By Woodlands

Ceramic wares have become more than just functional vessels. Nowadays, ceramic artists are trying to incorporate art into the utilitarian approach of ceramic-making. We’ve seen surreal ceramic urns featuring half-octopus half-pottery design that are both practical earthenware and stunning works of art. But if you favor an exquisite design over the whimsical ones, you’ll absolutely love these colorful ceramic vessels by Heesoo Lee. The Montana-based ceramic artist fused together her painting talent and pottery skills to give more life to regular vases.

heesoo lee colorful ceramic vessels

Lee’s colorful ceramic vessels present picturesque forest with vibrant aspen trees. Porcelain vases, bowls, and trays are adorned with beautiful landscape paintings, making them the ultimate examples of a 3D painting. Lee crafts the delicate branches and leaves by layering each clay pieces onto the vessel. Prior to the first firing, she applies colorful underglaze to the surface of the vessel. She uses a wide range of shades and hues to represent each four season. Thick foliage in green and yellow hues captured the beauty of spring and summer seasons. Falling leaves in red and orange colors represent autumn season while leafless trees in white and blue hues constitute winter.

Nature-inspired ceramic vessels

heesoo lee aspen trees ceramic vessels


heesoo lee nature-inspired ceramic vessels


heesoo lee colorful ceramic bowl

Heesoo Lee hand-sculpts clay pieces onto the vessel to create intricate branches and dense foliage

heesoo lee aspen trees ceramic bowl


heesoo lee aspen trees ceramic vase


heesoo lee aspen trees ceramic tray


heesoo lee seasonal woodland ceramic vessels


heesoo lee winter-themed ceramic vases


heesoo lee winter-themed ceramic vessels

After the first firing, she coats the vessels with a finishing glaze before putting them back into the kiln. And the results are incredible artworks in the form of colorful ceramic vessels. Furthermore, these ceramic wares are functional so you can actually utilize them according to their purpose. Or you can use them as elegant decors to embellish your walls, coffee tables, and many more.

heesoo lee autumn-themed ceramic tray


heesoo lee autumn-themed ceramic bowls


heesoo lee coffee mug flower design

So, if you want to buy these colorful ceramic vessels, visit the artist’s Etsy shop and choose from a wide range of available pieces. You can also visit her Instagram page to see more of her nature-inspired pottery masterpieces.

Source: Instagram | Etsy