Parents Share Hilarious Things Their 7-Year-Old Said That Surprised Them

How many times have you heard your kids asking you baffling questions or saying absurd things? These parents weren’t prepared when their 7-year-old kids gave them pieces of their inquisitive minds. Curious by nature, children like to explore and seek answers to appease their infinite curiosity. A child’s mind is indeed interesting as they perceive everything through a viewpoint that is entirely different from an adult’s. Their innocence and inquisitiveness allow them to observe and learn things their own way. And things can really get hilariously surprising when they start sharing their insights and uncorrupted wisdom.

A child’s curiosity typically begins at the age of five and reaches its peak at the age of seven. During this stage, kids would start to question the current ways of life as they try to understand the reason behind everything. In other words, this is the phase when your kids would start bugging you with endless questions about random things. And if they’re not satisfied with the answer, they will tell you exactly what’s on their mind. Most of the times, their philosophical perception can really take us by surprise. If you have a 7-year-old kid, you certainly understand the challenge of dealing with their impeccable sagacity.


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One of their most frequently asked question – where do babies come from? – is actually one of the toughest to answer. Obviously, it’s still untimely to tell a 7-year-old kid about the sperm-and-egg thing. Trust us when we say that this conversation can turn really awkward at some point. Or would you rather tell them the stork-delivering-babies myth? But trust us again when we say that they won’t let this issue rest until they see an actual stork delivering a baby with their own eyes.

Now you see how complicated it is to live with an inquisitive child. But it’s also amusing and interesting just the same. Sometimes, kids can have a clearer apprehension of the world that can make them seem smarter than us. They may sound nonsensical at first but after giving it thought, we realize that they speak nothing but the truth. Parents share the most hilarious conversation they have with their 7-year-old that will make you smile and later agree with the kids’ opinions.