This Giant PEZ Dispenser Releases Bone-Shaped Treats For Your Pup To Enjoy

PEZ candies are yummy and all but it’s actually the brand’s iconic dispensers that most kids go crazy for. And if you enjoy eating these flavored candies from dispensers then dogs would surely love it too. Now you can get your canine buddy a giant PEZ Dispenser that works exactly like the ones we use. But instead of the brick-shaped sugary candies, this candy dispenser for dogs is designed to contain bone-shaped dog treats.

Compared to the iconic candy dispensers, this dispenser (as the name implies) is much bigger. It also features a character head in the form of a flip top for dispensing the treats. Of course, you can only expect that the character head is in the shape of a dog. It comes in two different designs – the Smiling Beagle and the Toothy St. Bernard. The choice is yours.


The dispenser also comes with bone-shaped dog treats. Simply load the treats into the stem and slide the contraption back to close. It works just like the candy version. Just pull back the dog’s head to dispense the treats. You can pick the goodies out from the dispenser or just let your dog pluck it from the dispenser directly. It measures 9 inches tall and is designed to contain and dispense PEZ for Pets Dog Treats only. Take note that the dispenser can only load up to 6 pieces at a time.

giant pez dispenser smiling beagle head
Pez Collectors


giant pez dispenser beagle head


Dog Treats Refill Pack

pez for pets dog treats
Posh Puppy Boutique

The giant dispenser is available here and here. And if you’ve run out of dog treats, you can buy the refill pack here that contains 12 pieces. Plus, the refill pack contains 3 different flavors – bacon, beef and cheese. Of course, you don’t need to taste it to make sure that it’s good. But your dogs will surely love to pull out the yummy treats from the cute dispenser.


Check out the video below to see the giant PEZ dispenser in action