9-Year-Old Hailey Fort Grows Food And Builds Shelters For Homeless People


9-year-old Hailey Fort has a heart of gold, that could put the majority of adults to shame. She spends any free time she has, growing food and building moveable shelters for the homeless! It all started when she was 5, and asked her mom if she could help a homeless man out on the streets of her home city of Bremerton, Washington. Her logic is simple, as Hailey told King 5 News,

"It just doesn't seem right that there are homeless people, I think everyone should have a place to live."

Each shelter costs $300 to build, and Hailey genuinely manages to undertake a good deal of the construction herself, not bad for a 9-year-old! Hailey's future plans include, growing 250lbs of food for homeless people, delivering loads of toiletries and creating 12 brand new shelters. What an incredible girl! Check out her Facebook page below for all the latest news, buy something from her Amazon 'Wedding Registry' or alternatively you can give to her GoFundMe campaign. 

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