24 Random Things That Are Both Interesting And Hilarious

There will be numerous random things that will occur our lifetime. Some random things are just so dull that your extraordinary brain steps in and gives you equally extraordinary ideas to turn the situation around. It might not happen all the time, but once it does, it’s really worth the attention, just like these random things shown below.

Good to know your parents are with you on this very sad moment in your life. Nothing like a good Harry Potter reference to cheer up your sad self.

Free as an elf.

This as me torn. If this were my sister, I would not be so sure if I would distance myself for quite some time or just play along with her. It’s funny but actually really scary if you stare at and think about the concept of it. I mean, what if she’s only practicing for the real thing? We would never know.

Showing early signs….

How thoughtful of your brother to still put a little heart at the end of the “message”. Now, you know that this is definitely from the heart.

At least it has a heart sign.

 This has me getting really envious. Maybe I should try this with Eleven, or Dustin, or Mike, or maybe even Bob A.K.A everybody’s hero…

Good Guy, Hopper

Dads. Always thinking ahead of everyone else. At least he had a peaceful and hearty breakfast where he ate to his heart’s content!

It’s actually a good idea.

Someday, I want to have the kind of motivation this guy has. Not to troll people, but to actually do productive things. Someday…

Troll level: House Roof

We all need this guy in our lives. Anonymous snitchers will always be the best kind of snitcher.

Hero of the day.

This is making me question the safety of the ones who would do this. The “traditional” setup of the normal Netflix and chill is cool, too.

Not your ordinary Netflix and chill.

The power of technology and millennials combined. This is a pretty convenient idea. I wonder if students would start following this concept.

Look what millennials can do.

Ah, the things you would do and lies you would tell just to get what you want.

Anything for the ka-ching!

 I hope we were still living in 2007 were we were actually acknowledged in taking long breaks and getting great naps.

Good job, Sarah!

The difference between the two goes more than just how it looks like. Pizza rolls are actual food where you are actually allowed  and is actually appropriate to eat.

Do the Tide pod challenge.

Nothing like a good street art to remind you to brush your teeth thrice a day!

Great street art!

 It must take a lot of experience and skills to have a username of “phillyfamousartist”.I bet he’s into the minimalistic side of art.

It really is.

“We don’t need to bring ink and paper into this. I can’t imagine a scenario that I would have to prove that I bought a donut.” Well, Mitch Hedberg, good luck in keeping that job of yours!

Very well said, Mitch!

This is one of the many reasons it’s best to put certain celebrations in your phone’s calendar to remind you it’s coming near. Best Son of the Year Award goes to this kid every year.

Son of the Year Award goes to…

Very fancy. It’s a nice and easy way to practice cleansing.

Lemon- flavored water.

 While it’s a good thing to own a beautiful and elegant gown, it’s also not healthy to keep the memories behind it. So, the reason for selling the dress might be fair enough.

What an expensive mistake.

The versatility and functionality of the KFC bucket have evolved. From using it as container for your art materials, to using it as a little barrel for your cold drinks. Kudos to your bravery, sir.

This guy deserves an award.

This gives “party” a brand new name to it.  Who says being in a party is just about booze and meaningless conversations? Let’s start this trend and talk about our hopes, and dreams, and passion about life, you know?

Such passion.

It’s these precious moments where you say to yourself, “Where can I have my own Ian Somerhalder?”

Husband goals

This is a perfect and literal Elsa moment where she sings, “The cold didn’t bother me anyway.” Given the setting where he or she is at, good thing she did not freeze entirely.

“The cold didn’t bother me anyway.”

This kid has it all figured out. Although, he might have to take care of how his father would react.

Great tip.

I did not know contacts on IMDB were updated, or even legit. A thorough research goes a long way, take it from these kids. These glorious moment is long overdue.

Hocus Pocus avid fans