Guy Spots Cat While Out Walking And It Has A Mark On Its Nose That Looks Just Like Another Cat

If you think you’ve finally had enough of your daily dose of cat cuteness, then you better think again. After all, the word “enough” doesn’t seem to exist in a cat lover’s vocabulary. So, allow us to introduce you to a Japanese cat that’s bound to steal your heart.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but, no, it’s not another cat with amazing talents or weird habits. Nonetheless, this one will definitely blow your mind. It’s the perfect epitome of “cat-ception” with its special mark on its face that looks just like another feline!

Japanese Cat with Cat Mark on Face with Another Cat

Japanese Twitter user @TOKAITRICK_bot spotted the kitty with an adorably weird face while out and about. He noticed how the marking on its snout uncannily resembled another black kitten. So, he couldn’t help but snap a few photos of it to share with the online community.

Japanese Cat with Cat Mark on Face

The marking sits perfectly on the front central portion of our feline friend’s face. It runs across the nose, creating a silhouette of a crouching cat. On top of that, the shape also seemingly features two pointed ears. Just how cute is that? Well, we have to say that this feline’s unique facial feature is a sure way to catch some attention. And the best part? He doesn’t even have to try.


Here’s a closeup look on the Japanese cat’s meta facial mark

Japanese Cat with Cat Mark on Face Closeup


Litter of Kittens


Source: TOKAITRICK_bot