This Baby Yoda Chia Pet Set Makes It Look Like He’s Hiding In The Bushes

Can you handle the cuteness of these Baby Yoda Chia Pets? The 2020 New York Toy Fair had just recently concluded. And we can say that the toy industry is looking bright this year because there are lots of awesome toys to look forward to. Many top toy companies graced the event along with their new upcoming toy products to showcase. There’s LEGO, Mattel, Green Toys, Hasbro, MGA Entertainment, Skyrocket, and many more. Indeed, the annual event was filled with the coolest toys you could ever imagine. However, there’s one character that seems to be present almost everywhere in the venue. And that confirms it – the Baby Yoda craze is real!

Plush toys and tiny figurines of The Mandalorian’s breakout star can be seen almost everywhere. But there’s one particular piece that really caught everyone’s attention – the Baby Yoda Chia Pets. The adorable planter is an upcoming product of NECA, an entertainment collectible company behind the iconic Chia Pet character planters.


Baby Yoda Chia Pets


This decorative planter features a unique terracotta pot with a cute figure of the Star Wars infant star sitting on it. With his dark eyes and lovable smile, it’s almost impossible not to give the planter a second look. Just like other Chia Pets collectibles, the Baby Yoda version also comes with chia seed packets along with instructions on how to grow the plants. The plants themselves grow around the tiny figure as if cradling him in greenery. If that sight won’t make you feel any better then you should see your doctor because there’s probably something wrong with you.


These Baby Yoda Chia Pets would make perfect desk decorations and can be placed anywhere that could need a little touch of green. NECA hasn’t yet announced the launch date for this product. But people on social media just can’t wait any longer and are going crazy about it. Well, we should only expect a mass hysteria once NECA released this anticipated product to the market. But all we could do for now is to wait.


And while waiting for the Baby Yoda Chia Pets to be launched, you may also want to take a look at this ‘Old’ Yoda version.

yoda chia pets planter


yoda chia pets decorative planter

This planter features the wise Jedi master’s bust where his head serves as the planter itself. When the plants grow on his head, the green amusingly becomes his hair. Get it here.