A Baby Mop-Onesie Actually Exists And People Have Mixed Opinions

When your babies start to crawl, you often find their onesies soiled which can be really frustrating sometimes. But someone thought of a brilliant idea of turning this frustration into a practical innovation. The Baby Mop-Onesie is exactly what it sounds, a mop and a onesie in one ingenious outfit for babies. You can just let them wear it and let them crawl on the floor as much as they want. Imagine your precious little tot working like a human-mop. Does that sound too cruel? We think not. Your baby surely won’t mind lending a little help with housekeeping.

baby mop-onesie red

This Baby Mop-Onesie takes advantage of your baby’s mobility to keep your floor stay clean. The onesie is made from 100% soft cotton with good elasticity and comes in a gender-neutral red color. It features a bundle of coarse microfiber strings on the front and inner sleeves. As your adorable infant crawls on the floor, the mop-like yarns mop up dust from the surface.

baby mop-onesie yarn microfiber

This Baby Mop-Onesie comes in a single size that fits all toddlers at the crawling stage (8 – 12 months). It uses high quality stretchable material to allow your active baby to move freely and comfortably. This hilarious romper can also make a novelty gift for a baby shower or other special occasions. Get the red mop-onesie here and let your baby crawl, wiggle, and roll over the floor as you watch them keep it clean for you.

baby mop-onesie


baby mop-onesie hang dry


baby mop-onesie hang dry inside

Of course, we wouldn’t suggest putting your baby on a dirty floor and leave the cleaning to them. This Baby Mop-Onesie is designed to let your cute crawlers help maintain your clean floors and NOT to clean filthy floors. Apparently, not all parents concur with the idea of turning their babies into human-mops. But one happy buyer wrote:

“I bought 2 of them for Christmas gifts for a friend’s baby. They both have ceramic tile floors which they thought was great. Yes, some might think of it as cruel but hey… it’s a fun gift.”

baby mop-onesie customer photo


baby mop-onesie for crawling toddlers

If you prefer a blue–colored one then we’ve found the perfect option for you. This baby mop-onesie comes in a royal blue color for your little prince. Additionally, this one also has mop-like microfibers on the buttocks area. So your little helper can mop up dust as he sits on the floor.

blue mop romper for babies


blue mop romper


blue mop romper back


blue mop romper yarn microfiber

Get them red romper here and the blue romper here.