Sami Noticed Her Neighbor’s Halloween Skeletons Were Acting Out A New Scenario Each Day

Halloween is one of the world’s most highly anticipated holidays. Because it’s the one time of the year we’re allowed to dress as gruesomely as possible and get candy for it. Another reason that makes Halloween awesome is that dainty neighborhoods suddenly transform into freaky, fantastical wonderlands. Most of the time, people tend to go over-the-top, but Sami Campagnano’s neighbor won Halloween with their uncomplicated yet entertaining display. When she noticed that her neighbor’s Halloween skeletons constantly changed positions every day, she decided to document the fun.

Her neighbors didn’t really go for an extravagant Halloween theme, but they sure knew how to make it interesting! She posted the pictures on Twitter and unexpectedly received a torrent of attention. In a statement, Sami said:

“I noticed my neighbors changing them a few days into October. I decided to post the photos about two weeks after noticing these scary Halloween decorations. Maybe a little longer. I absolutely did not expect to receive this much attention. It is crazy. I have spoken to my neighbors and they are so happy and excited that their lawn decorations have spread so much joy. They text me their own photos and videos every day now.”

The Halloween Skeletons of Sami’s neighbors change everyday to depict a skeleton family doing chores and other daily activities that real human families do.


“So my neighbors change these skeletons every day for Halloween, and I think I finally need to share them.”


“It’s a rainy day here in FL!”

“And for everyone who thought the Tree Fixin’ skeleton was left out! He’s not today!”


“They showed me their pool! Zoom in!”



“Caught a sneak peak of tomorrow’s and it’s definitely going to be the best one so far.”





“Here they are in action and taking a break.”




“Today got better.”

“Guys. Best one yet?”

Sami’s crafty neighbors have just proven that you don’t need to shell out hundreds of dollars to win Halloween. Hopefully they bring back their kooky Halloween skeletons this year!

Source: Twitter