Miniature Cement Bricks And Mortar Allow You To Build Yourself A Mini Wall

Walls – a simple structure with a utilitarian purpose. But thanks to the immigration issues and Donald Trump, the term itself is now given a sinister meaning. Hence, the famous quote ‘build bridges, not walls.’ But heck, we can build walls if we want to. Only this time, we will be building our very own tiny walls. Not to create divisions but to satisfy our creativity and materialize our imagination. Here’s a perfect set that allows you to build anything you like, just smaller. Whether it’s a tiny wall, a miniature bridge, or a dollhouse – your imagination is your limit. Start creating miniature dioramas of almost everything with these mini construction set which includes mini cement bricks and mortar.

mini cement bricks and mortar construction

For years, Lego building blocks have been the most commonly used tool to exercise our construction skills. But if you want to create something more realistic, you may want to replace your Lego blocks with a construction set that are made of the real thing. These mini cement bricks are made with real cement so they are actually real cinder bricks, only smaller. They are available in red and gray colors, whichever you prefer. A set contains 24 pieces of mini cement bricks. Each cinder block measures 1.33 x 0.66 x 0.66 inches. Just like real cement hollow blocks, these miniature bricks have recesses to key in the mortar and lock the bricks together.

mini cement bricks red


mini cement bricks gray


mini cement bricks red pine wood pallet


mini cement bricks gray miniature


mini cement bricks small


mini cement bricks red miniature


mini cement bricks gray construction


mini cement bricks red set

Of course, you’ll need a mortar to stack the bricks and construct your structure. But don’t worry, we’ve found a miniature container of mortar to go with your mini cement bricks. Each container contains 16 oz of real mortar. With this miniature construction set, you can build any craft project like a real mason.

miniature container mortar


mini cement bricks gray mortar


mini cement bricks and mortar

Plus, the mini cement bricks come stacked on a pine wood pallet, making this set a perfect gift for diorama artists, architects, engineers, and other creatives. Since these mini materials are made from real cement and mortar, these products may present potential hazards to children. If you intend to give this set to your kids, parental supervision is required.

mini cement bricks red hollow blocks


mini cement bricks red construction

Get your mini cement bricks and miniature container of mortar today.

Watch the video below to learn how to make a mini brick wall