Before and After Photos of Women Doing The 10-second Body Transformation

Want to be instantly fit? The 10-second body transformation is a new trend on Instagram where you post before and after snaps showing your weight loss progress. The difference between the photos is dramatically huge and all it takes is just a few seconds, not months or years like many people think.


High-waist leggings are your best friend for hiding flabs.

Knowing your angles + great lighting helps hide those cellulite.

Different poses result to either a good or bad photo.

Posed vs. Unposed

Here’s More Amazing 10-second Transformations!

Stomach in. Butt out.

Another proof why a pair of high-waist leggings are a great investment.

How to look sexy in an instant:

Back arched, hip pushed to the side and then flex.


While the 10-second body transformation is great and is a no-fail way to boost confidence, keep in mind that nothing beats self-love and a healthy lifestyle. Embrace your flaws. That’s what makes you special, after all!