15 of The Funniest Misspelled Names at Starbucks

Starbucks isn’t only popular for its coffee. The company is also known for misspelling names. Today, we’re presenting you 15 misspelled names at Starbucks that are downright hilarious.

Guess they finally gave up trying to spell it right.

Almost, but not quite.

This employee deserves a raise!

The barista must be a fan of Finding Nemo.

When your barista knows your true colors.

Told the coffee guy my name is Skywalker. Then he asked, Anakin or Luke? Here’s what I got:

Names can be hard…


These Misspelled Names at Starbucks Just Keep Getting Better!

My name hasn’t been brutally murdered like this.

Nice meeting you, Marc with a “C”.

I guess the barista was a fan of the popular Broadway musical.

If it’s any consolation…

Hear, hear!

We totally won’t mind getting this.

What’s the most absurd name Starbucks employees have given you? Spill them in the comments below!