40 Times People Were Masters Of Passive Aggressive Behavior

Some people fly off the handle about the smallest things and aren’t afraid to tell you exactly what’s wrong to your face. Then there are people who are passive aggressive, and leave little notes, are sarcastic and/or display thinly veiled hostility when something isn’t to their liking. We don’t think there’s much benefit to passive aggressive behavior, but it can be pretty funny to see other people acting this way. Here we have some amusing examples of when people were masters of passive aggressive behavior. Take a look!

Generally, unless you’re really close with your neighbors, you’re unlikely to know who’s Wifi name belongs to who. So, if you’ve got an annoying neighbor that you’d like to send a message to but you’re not the confrontational type, changing your WiFi name does the job nicely! However, make sure to double check your grammar or face being owned like in the image below! 

We are taught at a fairly young age at school the importance of aesthetics and presentation. When we get older and start doing exams and coursework, we are often given specific guidelines on how to present our work, including what font to use. Most adults naturally respond much better to clear and simple fonts, rather than whimsical ones. So, why any adult would inflict such an eyesore on their fellow employees we’ll never know! 

We completely appreciate that many charities are underfunded and rely hugely on public donations. We’re often faced with tear jerking advertising campaigns that inspire certain people to donate. We’re fine with this. However, the charity responsible for the envelope below need to rethink things! It should be a person’s choice to help others and part with their money. They should not have to feel guilty or like they are a bad person should they choose not to. 

It can be super annoying when people can’t do a simple task such as putting en empty toilet roll in the trash can. But, it really does take 2 seconds to do. We aren’t saying you should let people get away with being lazy and messy, but getting wound up about it could be way more effort than it’s worth! Honestly though people, how hard is it to put your rubbish in the bin?!

Ah, this is one of the joys of shared accommodation. People like their food cooked in different ways, so inevitably things like this are going to occur. If only we were all a little more considerate of each other. A simple solution to the toaster problem is to agree to turn the nozzle back down to 0 after using so that the next person can choose their own setting. No more burnt toast! 

We can imagine the exact state the person responsible for this note was in when they wrote it. You get to that moment where enough is enough. You rifle around for a pen and paper. You start by writing about the thing that you’re most annoyed about but before you know it, you’ve snowballed into a mini essay. Then once you’re done, there’s a slam of the pen and a sigh of annoyance. You hope this will hit home to the culprit(s), but you know they’re probably too selfish to care. Are we right?

We have mixed feelings on this one. We know it’s meant in a sassy and humorous tone, which is easy to convey. However, you risk offending your customers with such a message. It could make them feel like they are being looked down on, or judged for their personal choice. Hopefully most people can see the jokey side and there were no issues as a result! 

So many people are unfortunately not so aware of their surroundings. Of course, when you’re wrapped up in an intimate moment, sometimes checking the curtains are closed isn’t a priority. However, this often results in people witnessing your private time. There will be those people who don’t care if they are seen, but some are genuinely unaware. Therefore we think everyone should follow the example below and let others know if their private encounters are being seen by the world! 

Living with a loved one can be the best feeling ever. However, depending on the type of relationship, broaching things like rent can feel awkward and tricky at times. Of course, sometimes people genuinely forget things like when the rent is due, so finding a nice way to remind your other half is a good option. Below you’ll see what we think is an amusing and effect idea! We’re not too sure how it would have been received, but it certainly would have made us laugh.

Neighbor feuds can be a truly draining thing. Some people are unfortunately faced with the dilemma of sharing their home area with horrible people. We can’t really tell much about the situation that is going on in the photo below, but we really wish we knew! Shots have definitely been fired so it doesn’t look like there’s a resolution on the horizon! 

You’ve got to love a bit of passive aggressive behavior, especially when it’s not directed at you! It doesn’t matter if you’re on the team of people who write snarky notes, or the opposing team of those who respond to snarky notes, as we’ve got the best of both worlds. Although we don’t think that being passive aggressive is the the most productive way to get an issue resolved, there is definitely some great inspiration here for what to say if you want to give it a try…


We do appreciate that certain people don’t like to look at what they consider ‘eyesores’. But, bottom line is, it is down to the individual person to decide what they would like to do, or not do, to their own property and possessions. We have a feeling that ‘Bob’ wasn’t too happy about this unpainted fence so the owners have responded in kind…

Ah, the great coffee debate. Everyone seems to lose their mind over coffee and how it should be made, the same goes for tea! We don’t understand this as surely it’s all just personal preference? To be fair, coffee is a huge part of certain people’s lives so it does make some sense that it becomes a topic of discussion! Below we can see a dispute in action, who do you agree with? 

We’re in two minds about this one. A part of us thinks, laughter is wonderful and there needs to be more of it in the world with all the misery that surrounds us. But, there’s no denying that depending on your mood, it can be one of the most annoying sounds to hear! Especially if you’re trying to get a task done! We guess the message here is, try to be considerate of others, whilst being as happy as you can. 

It truly bothers us when people use disabled toilets that don’t need to. Imagine if someone who actually needs to use it has an accident because the toilet specifically designed for them is occupied by a lazy person? We feel that signs like these should be engraved into all disabled toilet doors! Maybe then people would think twice about using them…

Anyone who uses a trash can is immediately better than someone who litters. However, some people seem to forget that at some point a fellow human being will be emptying said trash cans. You might not think chucking your drink in the bin is a big deal, but some poor soul could get leaked on because you couldn’t be bothered to tip away your drink in a sink. And, yes people, the same goes for ice cubes!

What an infuriating reply! The culprit here did well. Honestly the stench of rotting food is something that no one should be forced to smell. People need to start taking responsibility for their actions and be more courteous towards others. If this person isn’t careful, they might find one day that their ketchup has been tampered with! Chili sauce would work extremely well in our opinion… 

We’re not sure how we feel about this one. On the one hand, some people find it very difficult to confront people face to face. This could be due to being generally shy, or, being afraid or cautious of how the opposing party will react. We don’t feel that this notice was rude or unreasonable. However, we know that some people find it hugely offensive to not be spoken to in person and therefore react badly to being called out in text format. Such a tricky situation!

We really like this one. It radiates humor rather than anger and is suggestive rather than aggressive. People naturally tend to enjoy things that make them stop and think and this sign does just that. We’re actually ashamed to admit it that took us a couple of seconds to understand but when we got it, it made us smile! Signs like this are the way forward! 

For people that have had to endure living with a terrible room mate, you’ll know the incredible feeling you get when the nightmare is coming to an end. You’re finally going to be free! For most people, this in itself is enough. But, others like to make it clear just how thankful they are to see their room mate depart. Below we have a perfect example!

We can’t figure this out. The ‘Skid Marker’ seems awfully offended at simply being asked to clean up after themselves. No one should have to deal with seeing other people’s excrement! Of course, bowel habits can’t always be controlled, but cleaning them up certainly can! We think the notice was more than reasonable and that ‘skid marker’ needs to learn some manners. Unless, of course, it’s a wind up response?

We can literally feel the rage and emotion of the authors of each note, sign and letter radiating from these images. To be fair, we can understand many people’s logic behind writing something passive aggressive rather than a face to face confrontation. In some ways, it’s safer as you never know how the offending party is going to react. Also, it’s a hell of a lot easier for people to say what they really feel on paper particularly if they are generally a shy and non confrontational person… 


Part of being a parent is accepting that eventually your little bundle of joy will become a big bundle of joy that gets wrapped up in their own world. You try not to take it personally as it’s just the way things go, but it still hurts when you don’t hear from your kids often. Sometimes, children just need a gentle reminder to make more of an effort and we think this card does just the trick!

Firstly, you should never tease people for educating themselves. Secondly, it’s probably safe to assume that being at a library, a book like this would be used to assist in studies. Even if it’s not, people are allowed to choose what they read! We would write our own note back… ‘you have no life because you spend your time writing insulting notes at the library and leaving them in random books’!

We’ve all had those moments when we’ve dropped an ice cube on the floor, or a piece of food falls off of your plate. The lazy ones among us might kick it to the dog or leave it there with the notion we will pick it up ‘shortly’. However, this is generally reserved for those of us who live alone! If you’re house sharing, it’s only polite to pick up your mess straight away. Alex from room A spotted a piece of lettuce left on the floor and decided to return it to its rightful owner…

People that steal other people’s packages make us so angry! Someone paid their money for something, and someone else just feels like it’s okay for them to take it? A note like this probably wouldn’t have achieved much but we hope it made the author feel a bit better. And, we hope that the thief read it and heard the punchline loud and clear! 

It’s inevitable that sometimes your food order gets mixed up. For some of us, we smile, nod and say ‘no problem’. But others find the situation extremely annoying. To be fair, it can be very dangerous to mess up a food order as you never know what someone is allergic to. However, these mix ups are generally accidental so often can’t be helped. If you’re not one to kick up a fuss, here’s a funny way to send a message! 

We’ve heard of a unique proposal, but this one really takes the cake! You’d have to have a lot of confidence in your partner’s habits to rest assured that this wouldn’t be discovered. Although, it appears by the fact it’s been photographed that someone did stumble across it. There could be one more engaged couple in the world! 

Noise disturbances really can ruin lives. For the more patient ones of us, a note is often issued. Although it can be really easy to get wound up at people’s inconsideration for their surroundings, sometimes the culprits really don’t realize the noise they are causing, so a note is the perfect solution before a shouting match. We admire the style of the one below! 

It can be super frustrating when a colleague doesn’t do their job properly. It’s only human to make mistakes every now and again but for the repeat offenders sometimes you just feel that enough is enough. If you don’t want to cause friction but want a somewhat anonymous way of sending a message, the below image presents an idea! 

An idea like this would be made all the better if paired up with a hidden camera so that you can see the horror on the face of the person who has been caught out! Seriously though, don’t snoop or steal other people’s possessions and you don’t have to worry! We wonder if this is a room mate to room mate note or possibly a sibling to sibling one? 

Whilst this message is received loud and clear, we really hope that the person who did this was wearing gloves! It’s super annoying and disgusting when people don’t clean up after themselves so we can appreciate why this was done. Still gross though! We bet the wall needed a good wipe afterwards! It should have come with a warning that next time the hair would be put under the culprit’s pillow! 

We’re approaching the end of our post now but keep on scrolling as some of the best images have been saved for last! We really do sympathize with a lot of the ‘complainers’ in these images so we hope that they got the results they were after. Although, realistically and unfortunately, a passive aggressive note can often make people even more determined to annoy you. Some people get offended at not being personally confronted. It’s so hard to know how to handle strangers, isn’t it?! Oh well!


Part of being a responsible pet owner is picking up after your animal. People that leave excrement in public should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. Anyone could step in it, a small child might even try to eat it! We think signs like these should be dotted around as a reminder for those that need it. You wouldn’t take a poop in the street and leave it there so why is it any different for an animal that you are responsible for?

Nagging someone to do the dishes can be tiresome and ineffective. Sometimes you just need to switch up your tactics and engage with your audience. For example, we love the idea below! It’s a great way to grab the attention of the internet obsessed. And, you never know, they might be so impressed with your efforts that they actually do the dishes! 

A question like this is always risky. There is the possibility that the person does actually have that name, and even if they don’t who’s going to admit that? Regardless, people who steal other peoples food and drink deserve a special kind of karma, like dropping their pizza on the floor, the pet fur covered floor. Evil, we know! 

This is some serious dedication to asking a simple question! Maybe it’s there to serve as a reminder? The display would certainly stand out to us when we opened the fridge door! We like the use of differing colors and the white colored text. This person knows how to send a message! Let’s just hope the eggs are hard boiled or an accident could lead to twice as much cleaning! 

At first we winced at the aggression and calling a cat stupid, but, the sad and unfortunate reality is that not all animals are well behaved and trained. It sounds like the author of this note has been bothered by a naughty feline. We’re not really sure this sign could pass as passive aggressive, though! It’s more in your face aggressive! 

Regardless of whether the respondent is technically correct or not, it’s only courteous to put things away after you use them. We think the butter drawing is actually a nice touch! Some people clearly don’t take too well to pet names so maybe it’s a good idea to leave out the ‘roomie’ that could be misconstrued as over familiar if you’re going to be writing a note like this of your own! 

There are many catchy songs in this world and some of them work perfectly when included in passive aggressive notes, like the one below. In regards to the actual subject of this note, one of our huge pet hates is people that block other people’s driveways! What if there was an emergency? We’ve seen stories of people getting fines for parking where they were not supposed to simply because they couldn’t park on their own drive or in their own spot! Outrageous!  

Ah, hello to our old friend, sarcasm. Sometimes you just can’t help but throw in some sass and shade, it’s just too satisfying. Seriously though, we will never understand why people must blare their music so loud to the point people outside the car can hear it. Are you trying to impress someone? Does it make you feel cool? We need answers! 

We have to agree with Steve on this one! Unless the sign was put up after the bananas were placed, it was fairly likely that anyone who wanted a banana was going to help themselves. On a side note, we love the idea of a free fruit bowl! Perfect for a healthy snack during a draining day. Some people won’t choose to buy fruit but would eat it if it was offered to them so this is awesome! 

Whilst we admit the relationship described below does not sound like a healthy one, when you are fighting with someone sometimes you can be so wrapped up in it that you don’t realize how loud you are being. Hopefully the couple spoken about in the note worked things out or went their separate ways and neighbors got some much needed peace and quiet! 

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