13 Bad Habits That Girls Keep Secret From Guys


There’s this traditional image of women being prim and proper little quiet ladies, however, that misconception is outdated and ridiculous! A woman can and should be whatever she wants to be. She should be proud of herself, her body and her bodily functions no matter what! This brings us to those strange, potentially embarrassing, things that women do in private. There’s really not that much difference between the sexes, it’s just that most women keep certain things more private. Check it out!


Sniffing worn clothes to see if they can be used an extra day!


Most women admit to peeing in the shower, just to try it out and see what it was like.


Taking 15 attempts to capture the perfect booty picture, then realizing the first one was best!


Spending ages in the bathroom trying to catch hold of and pluck that annoying stray eyebrow hair.


Women, just like men, secretly feel proud when they find out they’ve had more relationships than their current partner.


At some point all women have been caught short and have tried, probably unsuccessfully, to pee in a container. It seemed like a good idea at the time.


Singing, running taps, spraying an aerosol, girls will do anything to disguise bathroom noises!


Yes, women smell their own farts sometimes, but, usually only in the privacy of a quiet room. Alone. With no one else around.


This isn’t exactly a habit, or at least shouldn’t be, but almost all women and men have pooped themselves at least once. It could be due to food poisoning, or flu, but it’s probably happened to us all.


Having bizarre thoughts about kissing totally inappropriate people.


A bra is a device of torture that usually comes off the second a woman gets home!


Women scratch their butts, too!


Looking in the mirror while crying is a curious habit. But, somehow, it seems to make things feel a little better.

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