14 Times People Were Masters Of Passive Aggressive Behavior – Part 2


You’ve got to love a bit of passive aggressive behavior, especially when it’s not directed at you! If you love snarky notes, or those who write snarky notes being schooled, then you’re in the right part of the internet. Those who have checked out the first part of this post already will know what to expect, but we’ve got a variety of passive aggressive folks here, from your casual note-writer to those who will go all out to make their point. Take a look at these fourteen times people were masters of passive aggressive behavior.



No expelling of demons on a school night, please.


Yeah, Ed. Get it together.


If you’re reading this, you’ve already gone too far.


This person has gone to a lot of effort here. Also… Gross!


That’ll learn ’em!


When you’re so frustrated about people not doing their share of the dishes that you have to make an irl meme.


Cheers, Dave!


Or you could just ask with your voice box?


Poor stupid cat. We’re sure you’re not really stupid.


Who knew butter was such a contentious issue?


Well, that escalated quickly.


We’re just so impressed.


They have a point there, banana lover.


And now the whole neighborhood knows about your relationship drama.

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