14 Times When You Totally Related To ‘King Of The Hill’


If you enjoyed Fox’s long-running cartoon series King of the Hill, then we’re sure you’ll enjoy this post. Not only was the show hilarious, it was also completely relatable at times. Whether you’re more of a Hank, a Bobby, a Peggy or even a Dale, there are moments when the show seems to totally understand your life. It might seem odd to compare your existence to a cartoon, but when something gets you, it gets you! So, take a look at these fourteen times when you totally related to King of the Hill!



When all your friends are doing yoga, and you’re like…


When you’re getting too old for gratuitous violence.


When you can empathize like a pro.


When new music sounds like garbage to you.


When you want to get sweet with your other half.


When all your options are looking bleak.


When you learn how to appreciate the simple pleasures.


When your makeup game is not on point.


When you understand what makes you mad.


When you embrace the futility of life.


When you realize dogs are the only ones you can trust.


And they make good dance partners, too.


When you look at old photos of yourself.


When you’re getting back in the dating game but you’ve been hurt before.

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