20 Pets That Were Caught Doing Something They Shouldn’t

They say that people reveal their true selves when they’re alone. But animals are also no different. Most of the time, naughty pets bring out their true colors when nobody is watching. But of course, even the most cunning pets cannot escape the vigilant eyes of their owners. We’ve had a previous post about adorably misbehaving pets that were shamed online by their owners. But it seems like our animal companions aren’t learning their lessons because we’ve got more of them on our new list.

It’s always amusing to have naughty pets around because their silliness sometimes comes as a form of entertainment. Cats and dogs are no strangers to doing crazy stuff. But even other pets such as parakeets, rabbits, and guinea pigs also have their fair share of mischief to spare. Unfortunately for these cute pets, their shenanigans were timely captured on camera. So, there’s no way they could slip away from their troublemaking.


Naughty Pets Caught Red-Handed

naughty pets cat shreds toilet papers

A dog caught singing and playing the piano, a cat found guilty of shredding the toilet papers all over the place, and a parrot attempting to hack its owner’s phone. We’ve got plenty of the cutest and funniest naughty pets on this list to bring some smiles on your face. If you have photos of your animal companions being caught red-handed, share them on the comment section to spread the joy. Besides, there’s no harm in publicly shaming them online.


“I Think I Just Interrupted A Meeting I Wasn’t Supposed To Know About.”

naughty pets having a secret meeting


“What Friends Do Your Cats Have?

cats meet unusual friends
Creativemermaid | xv-Vicious


“Copycat Clean”

naughty pets copycat


“Yooou Got What I Neeeeeeeeeed!”

dog singing and playing piano


“So Cats Just Pretend They Don’t Like Baths…”

cat loves to bath


“My Old Man Knows The Right Way To Spend A Sunday In Florida.”

dog chilling on a pool inflatable


“Someone Called The Police On My Dog Because He Ran Away And Attacked A Deer And I Know This Is Serious But The Sight Of Him In The Cop Car Is Just Too Much!”

naughty pets dog arrested


“The Cat Figured Out How To Open The Treat Jar. At Least The Dog Knows They’re Being Bad.”

naughty pets cat open treat jar


“Technically, I Did Not Walk On The Table.”

naughty pets cat leaves paw prints


“Larry Bird Is A Naughty Bird”

naughty pets cockatiel placed an order thru amazon echo


“I Wasn’t Sure Where She Was, So I Called Her Name And Was Greeted By This.”

dog hiding in sofa


“America’s Next Top Model”

cat posing like a model


“New Cat, Cute Cat, Bad Cat”

naughty pets cat called fire department


“Big Crash In The Bedroom…”

big crash in bedroom caused by dog


“Attempted Hacking”

naughty pets parrot hacks phone


“She Usually Meets Me At The Door When I Come Home. But If She Doesn’t, I Definitely Know She’s Onto Something.”

dog trapped in a sweater


“So My Dog Ran Away 2 Months Ago And Came Back With A Haircut.”

dog ran away to get a hair cut


“There Goes The Dog Food…”

cat sits on dog food



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