Animals On Flights Being The Best Fellow Passengers You Could Hope For

For most people, flying is a worry. When you’re on a budget and your seating reflects that, you can only hope and pray that you are placed with polite, hygienic and quiet people. However, there’s a certain kind of passenger that’s even better than this… animals! It’s not as common, but sometimes you’ll be on a flight that allows non-human passengers. Below we have a list of animals on flights that you just know were awesome company. Take a look! 

This is Bentley meeting the captain. Doesn’t he look like such a smart boy?!

Animals On Flights bentley meeting captain

One lucky passenger sat two seats away from an Air Force K-9 bomb dog. Awesome! 

Animals On Flights bomb dog

This is Corporal Kiddy. After 12 years of service with the Royal Marines, she earned her retirement. An announcement was made and the whole cabin applauded her. Thank you for your service! 

Animals On Flights corporal kiddy

The ears, the eyes, the nose… this dog is just too adorable! 

Animals On Flights cute little guy

This is how Desmond sleeps on a plane. We wonder if he also has a mansion and a yacht? He looks like a cat that lives a glorious life of luxury! 

Animals On Flights desmond cat sleeping

We find the way this dog is sitting stupidly cute! 

Animals On Flights dog sitting

How lovely it would be to have an Apple in your life! What a beautiful animal. 

Animals On Flights emotional support pet

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This guy and his dog had been like this for over 2 hours when the photo was taken. This actually melts our hearts. 

Animals On Flights guy and dog hugging

Rocky was a little nervous to go on his first flight! 

Animals On Flights rockys first flight

For some reason, we find ourselves relating to this cat’s expression… 

Animals On Flights small cat

Support animals come in all different species! 

Animals On Flights support duck

Imagine having this beautiful creature trying to be your friend for a whole flight! 

Animals On Flights trying to talk to me

Aww. This gorgeous canine looks super sleepy…

Animals On Flights well behaved flyer

‘When pigs fly…’ well, here you go! 

Animals On Flights when pigs fly