Student Designs Flying-V Shaped Plane That Uses 20% Less Fuel

According to studies, air travel contributes to 2.5 percent of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. To address this concern, an engineering student designed a Flying-V airliner prototype that is more fuel-efficient that any airplane.

There are many inventions throughout history that changed our lives in so many ways. But the invention of airplanes and other forms of aircraft is probably the most significant of all inventions. Flying from one place to another was the ultimate dream of mankind way back before heavier-than-air flying machines were invented. Over the course of time, aircraft industry has dramatically evolved. Our ability to navigate around the world has progressed very rapidly since aviation became the common mode of international transport. Despite the positive impact it brings, air travel also has its not-so-good side. Aircraft have a negative impact to the environment because they emit gases and particulates which contribute to global dimming and climate change.

justus benad flying-v airliner prototype

Justus Benad, a research assistant at the Berlin University of Technology, conceptualized a new model of an eco-friendly airplane that will consume 20 percent less fuel. To put it simply, the engines of the Flying-V airliner are designed to prevent wasteful consumption of fuel. Thus, resulting to less carbon dioxide emissions.

flying-v airliner prototype

Dutch airliner company KLM plans to bring the prototype to life and it is now currently in the works at Delft University of Technology. Aside from its fuel-efficiency property, the airplane’s unique form is also one for the books. As the name implies, the Flying-V airliner is modeled after the famous Gibson Flying V electric guitar. The iconic V-shaped guitar has been played by popular rockers including Keith Richards, Tom Petty, and Eddie van Halen.

flying-v airliner model

Initial test flight is scheduled to take place on September and is projected that the actual airliner would be released by 2040. It will have a maximum capacity of 314 passengers.

flying-v airliner justus benad prototype

The Flying-V Airliner is said to burn up 20 percent less fuel

flying-v passenger airplane


flying-v airliner fuel efficient


justus benad prototype flying-v airliner


Source: Edwin Wallet / Studio OSO