Neighbors Who Made The Neighborhood Way More Interesting

It’s not uncommon to experience, or hear about, squabbles and disagreements with neighbors. However, what is seemingly less common are people who actually like their neighbors! All most of us hope for is that our fellow citizens are respectful and keep the peace. But, for some of the population, they actually have pretty cool and interesting people living around them. Here we have some examples of neighbors who made the neighborhood way more interesting. Take a look! 

Interesting Neighbors

It’s not everyday you see your neighbor having a stern sit down with some melons… 

We love an unexpected ending! 

This is Carter. He knocked on someone’s door, asked for a banana and left… 

The person behind this photo recently adopted the neighborhood stray cat. A fellow neighbor’s cat impregnated the adopted cat so they decided to leave a gesture! 

We really aren’t sure what to make of this! 

Not the kind of vehicle you expect to see casually parked outside of your neighbor’s house! 

When the fire department and police station are situated next to each other… let the games begin!

It’s always nice to try and appease your angry neighbors! 

This person’s neighbor would always freeze a snowball to launch at them in July. It looks like the neighbor is going to get a large taste of their own medicine! 

This is what it looks like when you leave sprinklers on overnight and the temperature drops! 

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