Eggo Gingerbread Cookie Pancakes Are Coming For The Holidays

Eggo is clearly on a mission to deliver the most delicious holiday flavors for breakfast. This fall, we got the chance to wake up to the Pumpkin Pie Pancakes. And if you loved that fall breakfast offering, you’ll love what Eggo’s got coming. Can you think of a merrier way to start every winter morning than with a stack of tasty Eggo Gingerbread Cookie Pancakes paired with coffee or hot chocolate?

I think we can all agree that no other baked treat embodies the spirit of the holiday season better than gingerbread cookies. These fragrant, spiced bites are sure to evoke plenty of memories of Christmas past for many! And now you can enjoy the comforting flavor without dealing with the baking process with these new Eggo pancakes! I don’t know about you, but someone over at Eggo HQ deserves a giant pile of presents this Christmas for coming up with these ingenious seasonal pancake offerings!


Get in the holiday mood every morning with Eggo’s Gingerbread Cookie Pancakes

Just like its pumpkin pie counterpart, preparing these pancakes will be a breeze. Eggo has already done the mixing and cooking for you. Simply toss it into your toaster or microwave and wait for the pre-made pancakes to heat up. The likelihood of a “Leggo my Eggo!” war at the family table is also unlikely, as every box will contain 8 pancakes each. You also won’t need to worry about this seasonal pancake offering ruining your diet before the holiday feast does because you’ll only rack up 240 calories if you eat 3.

oriol-portell-unsplash-gingerbread cookies

Instagram treat hunter @candyhunting has uploaded a picture of the upcoming pancakes, saying that the flavor will be released soon. How soon? Well, according to food blog Food Beast, the limited-edition pancake offering will be hitting store shelves sometime around November. Then when it does, you’ll have to act fast because the pancake offering will only be available through the holiday season. What toppings do you think will go best with these gingerbread pancakes?