People Share The Best Number Plates They Have Spotted On Cars

License plates are primarily used for vehicle identification purposes. But through the years, license plates have become more of a self-expression than mere identification. This is why more and more drivers are opting for vanity plates rather than the randomly-generated ones. Most countries allow registered drivers to have their own vanity plates as long as they adhere to specific regulations. As a result, this freedom allows people to show their ingenuity and sense of humor through their license plates. We often see customized plates with their names on them but these don’t quite leave a lasting impression, right? If you really want to make an impression, why not make funny license plates that’ll surely make everyone laugh?

Life on the road isn’t actually a breeze considering traffic jams and road rage that may come along the way. Funny license plates can really come in handy especially during those times when our patience is wearing thin. A smile or a laugh can literally save us from the angst of road traffic.  You’re probably wondering how a tiny piece of plate can draw laughter from other people. Well, let these people teach you how to stand out from the road by showing off their funny license plates. Get ready for a hilarious ride as we give you our list of the funniest license plates we’ve ever seen.

“This Is The Best License Plate I’ve Seen Yet”

funny license plates eew bug

Did you know that the first state to mandate the use of vehicle license plates in the U.S. is New York? In 1901, New York required all drivers to create their own license plates by writing their initials on a tag. In 1903, Massachusetts also required the use of license plates. But in this case, license plates were issued by the state. The first driver to ever receive an official license plate was Frederick Tudor. Amusingly, his tag only contained a single character “1” which is still actively registered by his family up till now.

“Do License Plates Get Any More Metal?”

funny license plates metallica

“Tops My Interesting License Plate List”

funny license plates vlad impala

State-issued license plates only contain characters or a random combination of letters and numbers. But in 1928, Idaho started producing license plates that display an illustration of a potato. This is the first time that a graphic was used on a license plate. In 1931, Pennsylvania manufactured the first ever personalized license plate. This allowed everyone to get their own customized plates for an additional annual fee, in addition to the regular fee. At present, the use of vanity plates is allowed in all 50 states. Among these states, Virginia has the highest amount of vanity plates while Texas has the lowest.

The number of vanity plates being issued every year has been consistently increasing.  And that means we’ll be going to see more funny license plates coming our way.

“The License Plate On This Hearse”

funny license plates hearse

“I Was At The Right Place At The Right Time…”

funny license plates snek

“This Car Outside My Hotel”

funny license plates timeless

“This Car Cut Me Off. I Was Mad Until I Looked At Their License Plate”

funny license plates muahaha

“Very Appropriate License Plate”

funny license plates tired

“Clever Saab Owner”

funny license plates whasaab

“Got Cut Off Today, Wasn’t Even Mad”

funny license plates escuzme

“What A Jerk”

funny license plates smart fit

“Doesn’t Live Up To His Name”

funny license plates evil good

“I Thought This Was Clever”

funny license plates infiniti beyond

“My Friend Posted This On Facebook This Morning. Driver Said She Was Eating Cereal And It Fell In Her Lap”

funny license plates clumsy

“Hey Officer, I Want To Report A Hit’n Run. Ok, What Color Was The Car? Uhm, Red, Green Blue. Ok.. Did You Get The License Plate? Yeah, It Was Color Blind!”

funny license plates color blind

“The License Plate On This Tesla”

funny license plates oil lol

“Norway Finally Got Personalized Licensed Plates. Driving In Oslo Today Found This One For A Driving School – Complete With Student Driver”

funny license plates noob

“A Yellow Ferrari With “Pikachu” License Plate In Hong Kong”

funny license plates pikachu

“Best Handicap License Plate Ever”

funny license plates timmaa

“This License Plate I Found Today”

funny license plates eat the kids first

“Saw This License Plate Yesterday”

funny license plates rubix cube

“This Is Roger My UPS Driver. He Stopped By On His Day Off And We Saw His License Plate”

funny license plates roger that

“The License Plate On This Drain Cleaning Van”

funny license plates poo 4eva

“Best License Plate Ever?”

funny license plates zero kids

“License Plate Self Awareness”

funny license plates car identity

“Nikola Tesla”

funny license plates nikola tesla

“Caught Me Taking The Pic, Well Played”

funny license plates blackman

“Best License Plate Ever”

funny license plates one ring rule them all

“The Most Canadian License Plate I’ve Ever Seen”

funny license plates canadian sorry

“This Persons License Plate Is The Hex Code For The Exact Shade Of Blue Their Car Is”

funny license plates color hex code