Breathtaking Table Designs That Will Blow You Away

Tables are one of the top pieces of furniture in a house that gets used the most, whether it’s for eating, drinking or playing games on it.
A table is not just four legs and a board, it’s a necessity in any house hold. These artists have realized its potential and have gone all out on creating these stunning masterpieces that will look stunning in any home. We are amazed at how artists are still coming up with new and unique ideas that blow us all away. Take the abyss table for example; imagine having your favorite brew while gazing into that thing… you would need an alarm or something just to pull your imagination out of there! Awesome stuff!

The Leaf Table

The Lake Table

The Moon Table

The Picnyc Table

The Swing Set Table

Dripping Chocolate Tables

Wood and Aluminum Tables

Wood Log Table

Recycled Jet Engine Table

Glass River Table

Abyss Table

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