New Fruit By The Foot Starburst Means You Can Enjoy Your Favorite Flavor For Longer

Two of our favorite childhood candies joined together to give us twice the fun and twice the nostalgia. The new Fruit by the Foot Starburst features the flavor of the popular soft taffy candy in an iconic roll-up form. So, now we can enjoy the fruity goodness of Starburst in a different way.

The new Starburst treat contains fruit-flavored roll-ups in four original flavors including strawberry (pink), cherry (red), lemon (yellow) and orange (orange). When two of the fruitiest candy brands team up, you already know the result is nothing but perfection. Each bite of these chewy treats will give you a blast into the past. The inner child in us wouldn’t have it any other way than this exciting collaboration.


The New Fruit by the Foot Starburst Is Basically Starburst In Thin Jelly Strip Form

fruit by the foot starburst

The Starburst roll-ups are available in boxes of 6 and boxes of 12. We’re not sure whether this snack is a limited-edition offering or if it will be here for good. But luckily for us, the new treat doesn’t appear to be store-exclusive. People have found these chewy candies in many different grocery stores including ShopRite, Albertsons and Kroger. The 6-pack box is currently listed on Instacart to order from Stop & Shop, Safeway and Foods Co.

Source: Instacart