Nuggets Of 90s Nostalgia That Will Take You Back In Time

Sometimes it’s really hard to believe that we’re in the year 2017. For those of you reading that were born in the 90s, simply seeing an image of something from your childhood can bring back many fond, and some not so fond, memories! Here we have an awesome collection of 90s nostalgia that will have you mentally going back in time. However, we must warn you, there’s a song included in the list that is bound to get stuck in your head! Take a look and see how many of them you recognized straight away!

Butterfly Clips

Every girly girl around went through a phase of cramming as many of these bad boys in their hair as possible. Butterfly clips were the absolute bomb!

90s Nostalgia butterfly clips

Daria Morgendorffer

You could relate to Daria Morgendorffer in more ways than one. The smart outsider who was a hater of mankind gave many of us hope that life wouldn’t suck forever. 

90s Nostalgia daria high school goals

Doctor’s Kits

For some reason, kids just love to be caregivers. But, any good caregiver needs tools and a doctor’s kit was the perfect choice! Hours of fun were spent using these awesome sets. 

90s Nostalgia doctors kit

Gak Splat

We remember that this fun, squishy stuff didn’t have the best smell. However, it was perfect for throwing, splatting and sticking on all sorts of things! 

90s Nostalgia gak super stretch

JNCO Jeans

The 90s beheld some interesting fashion trends, one of which was super flared and wide jeans. If you could see your feet or the shape of your legs in general, you were doing life wrong. 

90s Nostalgia jnco jeans

Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Everyone seemed to have a crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Can you believe he’s 35 now? Time really has flown by!

90s Nostalgia jonathan taylor poster

Kid Pix

First released for the Macintosh in 1989, ‘Kid Pix’ was a bitmap drawing program aimed at kids. It was subsequently published in 1991 by Broderbund and it was originally created by Craig Hickman. 

90s Nostalgia kid pix


If you wanted to figure out anything about your life, Mash was the go to game. If only it were as easy as this to take away the difficulty of making tough decisions as adults! 

90s Nostalgia mash game

Mr. Boombastic

Every single 90s kid will know this song. It is still listened to by people 20 years later! 

90s nostalgia mr bombastic


If you saw a colorful pile of material on the floor of your gym at school, you knew it was going to be a fun day. It’s great that some kids still play this many years on! 

90s Nostalgia parachute gym day

Arts And Crafts Kit

This must have kit supposedly contained everything you needed to become an awesome artist. Most of us were besotted with this set for a week or so before never touching it again! 

90s Nostalgia pens kit

Saved By The Bell

Saved by the bell gave us so many expectations on what high school would be like. Unfortunately, the show didn’t really match up to reality but we loved it so much we didn’t care. 

90s Nostalgia saved by the bell


Passing notes was seriously exiting back in the day. If you got caught mid pass, you had to destroy the evidence somehow! 

90s Nostalgia school notes