Mini Kit Kat Assortment Packs Include A New Strawberry & Crème Flavor

With the release of new Kit Kat flavors (like the Apple Pie – hooray!) finally hitting shelves, you’d think that Hershey’s would take a break before introducing new treats. But this doesn’t appear to be the case because they’ve got a new Kit Kat Assortment hitting shelves already. As its name suggests, the assortment will contain a variety of flavors thrown in one bag. This is an absolute treat for those who find it hard to deny their sweet tooth’s cravings!

This isn’t the first time Kit Kat has put out an assorted bag of treats. And while it still consists of miniatures, this new assortment’s definitely bigger and better than the brand’s previous assortment offerings before. For starters, this new offering marks the debut of the brand-new Strawberry & Crème flavor! So if you’re looking to switch up your breaktime treat, then you definitely have to get your hands on this new assortment!


The new Kit Kat Assortment features a new flavor

The classic Assortment pack featured three flavors: dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white crème. This time around, the new pack will contain Milk Chocolate, White Crème and Strawberry & Crème. There is speculation going around that the fresh Strawberry & Crème flavor is inspired by the Kit Kat Strawberry Bar, which was part of the brand’s Flavors of America collection that came out in 2017. That collection featured six flavors in honor of six states. And the Strawberry Bar was the flavor that Hershey’s created to represent California.

Before the Flavors of America and this new assortment, the strawberry flavor was exclusively available in Japan. So it’s really nice to see that we’re getting more berry-licious wafer treats this year. Even if they happen to be exclusively available in miniature form right now. Fortunately, the new assortment has 160 miniature treats in each bag. With that many treats inside, you’ll have more than enough to help you decide which flavor you favor the most. This massive bag of miniature Kit Kats are on sale for $12.49 at CostCo and InstaCart, so what are you waiting for?