Add This Life-Saving Invention To Swimming Pools To Help Prevent Animals From Drowning

In summer, there’s no other place we’d rather be than a beach or a swimming pool. Having your own swimming pool saves you from the hassles of long trips to the beach. You can just plunge into your pool anytime you feel like it. While swimming pools are a great luxury to us, these structures can serve as a death trap to other animals. Now, there’s a way to save the native wildlife while keeping your pool clean. Introducing the FrogLog, a critter-saving escape ramp that can help you reduce pool maintenance while saving the innocent critters in your surroundings.

froglog critter-saving escape ramp

Small critters such as frogs, chipmunks, lizards, and mice can fall into the pool. Once these animals fall into the pool, they instinctively swim to the edge looking for an escape route. Chipmunks and mice would paddle in the water and will quickly become exhausted which could lead to drowning. Frogs and salamanders have permeable skin that can absorb chlorine from the water. Substantial amount of chlorine can potentially kill these amphibians. This explains why most pool owners often find dead critters in their pool. Picking up animal corpses from the water can be tormenting for most of us. Not to mention that sorrowful feeling for the dead animals.

With the FrogLog, critters falling into the pool can have a way out of the water. This critter-saving escape ramp is a small inflatable platform with a mesh ramp that connects to the pool deck. Simply attach the device to the edge of the pool and place the weighted pouch on the deck to keep it in place. As the critters circle around the edge, they will eventually bump into the FrogLog and easily escape to safety.

froglog critter-saving escape ramp pool


amazon froglog critter-saving escape ramp 2-pack


froglog critter-saving escape ramp weighted pouch


amazon froglog critter-saving escape ramp

You can place as many FrogLogs on your pool as needed. For larger pools or those larger than a 50’ by 80’ pool, placing 5 – 8 platforms can give small critters more access to climb out of the water. You can get this critter-saving escape ramp today. Save your summer vacation from the laborious chore of removing dead animals in your pool. More importantly, save the lives of the innocent tiny critters with this awesome life-saver.