People Around The World Are Falling In Love With IKEA’s Plush Shark Toy

Last year, photos of a plush shark toy went viral on social media. Right after IKEA released a soft toy in the form of a shark, people went gaga over it. And this is mainly because of the ‘Baby Shark Song’ craze that took the world by storm in 2018. When IKEA introduced Blåhaj (Blaha), a soft shark toy, the huggable toy quickly gained millions of fans around the world. A few days after its release, photos of Blåhaj have emerged on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. All of a sudden, Blåhaj was trending online as people put the toy in hilarious situations, snapped and shared the photos on the internet.

ikea plush shark toy blahaj


ikea plush shark toy head


ikea plush shark toy huggable

One Instagram post shows the friendly-looking plush shark toy working on a laptop on a dreary day. Another post shows a group of three Blåhajs playing video games together. Since the toy became viral, funny photos of Blåhaj kept popping up left and right. And people seemed to enjoy every humorous position the plush shark toy does. In fact, the lovable shark toy was so popular that people created Instagram pages and fan arts dedicated to their plushy companion.

Here are some of the funniest photos of the plush shark toy posted on Instagram

ikea plush shark toy whatevershark
Whatever Shark


ikea plush shark toy akula


ikea plush shark toy akula instagram


ikea plush shark toy tdoc


ikea plush shark toy izoldatikhonovna
Izolda Tikhonovna


ikea plush shark toy birthday reading
Whatever Shark


ikea plush shark toy birthday garden captain

This 100-cm long cuddlesome toy is made of polyester fabric with polyester fiber filling, making it super-soft to the touch. If you want to snuggle a lot, Blåhaj is definitely your perfect partner. You can cuddle and hug all you want and Blåhaj wouldn’t complain. It’s not too late to have your own plush shark toy because it is still available. So, get yours now before they swim away for good.

People showing off their huggable friend on social media

ikea plush shark toy pepperozavr


ikea plush shark toy tiny-sharky


ikea plush shark toy birthday cake
Whatever Shark

Some fanatics even created stunning fan arts dedicated to their beloved plushy companion

ikea plush shark toy blahaj fan art


ikea plush shark toy blahaj fan art welayfinik
Nik Welay

Get your shark plush here.