LEGO Launches Fully Functional Wind Turbine Kit Made With Plant-Based Bricks

Stepping in the right path towards sustainability, LEGO made a significant move in August 2018. It was then that the company—for the first time—introduced its sustainable, plant-based elements. In fact, their primary source was sugarcane. Nonetheless, there was more to their cause. A few months after the initiative, they’ve already released a fully-functional wind turbine LEGO kit.

All these developments were made possible by one, overarching goal. By 2030, LEGO aims at making all their products out of sustainable materials. The goal is to include all packaging, as well.

Likely so, the company has reached a step towards its aimed success as it released the LEGO Creator Expert. It was the first of its kind. With eco-friendly pieces, the product was the wind turbine LEGO kit. And, it functions fully well.

LEGO wind turbine kit

The Wind Turbine LEGO Kit

The company’s sustainable kit boasts of 826 pieces. When you put them together, you’ll have a wind turbine of 3 feet in height. Plus, you can adjust all of its wind blades,

Besides the turbine, you’ll also have a woodland house. By this house, you can see a porch light. As a matter of fact, it’s working like it’s real! Moreover, you might even be amazed at the “Plants from Plants” spruce trees that LEGO has set up in the package.

Well, there’s more to be fond of in the little kit. You’ll have miniatures of a LEGO dog plus three LEGO servicemen.

With all those little fun details aside, there’s also a Power Function medium motor. Yes, you’ll have all the serious parts in there, making the wind turbine LEGO kit fully functional. You’ll have a battery box plus two extension cords. No—these cords aren’t a mess. They’re carefully hidden in the final version of the kit.

LEGO worked with Vestas to design the kit.

Do you wish to know where the inspiration behind this kit came from? It was from the very idea of celebrating creativity while pushing for renewable energy and sustainability. So, LEGO designed the wind turbine kit through a partnership with Vestas. That certainly made the package working, since Vestas is widely known as an expert in sustainable energy solutions. In fact, the partner company has been the leading provider of 65,000 wind turbine installations in around 80 countries and counting.

Tim Brooks, the LEGO Group’s Vice President for Environmental Responsibility, says the following of the project:

“We strive to make a positive impact on the environment and are committed to climate action and to use sustainable materials in products and packaging, This wind turbine celebrates our first steps in bringing these ambitions to life, and we hope it will inspire builders to learn about renewable energy.”

If you’re interested in getting one, the LEGO Vestas® Wind Turbine has already been commercially available since November 23, 2018. You can get your LEGO wind turbine now.

LEGO has an excellent new set of eco-friendly, plant-based elements.

sustainable LEGO expert creator wind turbine kit

You can build this fully-functional wind turbine LEGO kit using all 826 pieces.

wind turbine LEGO kit

LEGO made the production of the kit possible through its partnership with Vestas. In fact, Vestas is a world leader in providing sustainable energy solutions.

LEGO Vestas sustainable wind turbine kit


functional LEGO wind turbine kit


plant-based LEGO kit


LEGO sustainable elements

You can get your LEGO wind turbine now.


Source: LEGO