Realistic Food Hair Clips Are The Latest Trend In China


It's not unusual to have some pretty bizarre fashions and trends come out of East Asia, and here's another turn up for the books. The very latest in hair accessories in China is a range of hair clips, or barrettes, that look like realistic pieces of food. From prawns to broccoli, to some delicacies that we can't quite identify, these hair clips are all the rage right now. So, if you've ever wanted to wear your dinner in your hair, but have been worried about the mess, this is your time to shine. It might be a bit unusual, but we actually think these hair clips are kind of adorable. They're available from online retailer 'Taobao', but you might have to brush up on your Chinese before attempting to place an order! We'd definitely display our love for dumplings in barrette form! Take a look!
Website: Taobao







What do you think of these hair accessories? Would you wear them, or do you think they're too odd? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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