You Can Now Get SpongeBob Squarepants Pop-Tarts Filled With A Sea Berry Flavor

We’re definitely not having the best year so it would be nice if we could escape reality for a while. Now how about going to Bikini Bottom to live with Spongebob and his friends? Well, every bite of these Spongebob Pop-Tarts will make you feel closer to Bikini Bottom. Besides, that’s what we need right now – a great escape from this scary world we’re currently living in.

Catastrophic wildfires and the pandemic crisis has given 2020 a bad reputation. But not everything about the year 2020 is notoriously bad. There’s the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the upcoming Spongebob Movie: Sponge On The Run to look forward to. Although the movie release is likely to be postponed due to the coronavirus issue, we’re still hopeful to watch the most-awaited animated film. Prior to the initial release, Kelloggs has already rolled out its new Pop-Tarts.


Spongebob Pop-Tarts in Sea Berry (Frosted Raspberry) Flavor

spongebob pop-tarts sea berry flavor

The new Pop-Tarts feature a frosted raspberry-flavored filling sealed inside two thin layers of rectangular pastry crust. Each toaster pastry is topped with white icing. But the real magic are the images printed on top of each pastry which are made with FD&C approved food coloring. You can find Bikini Bottom’s lovable residents printed in vivid colors on top of the pastries. Of course, there’s Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy and Gary.

spongebob pop-tarts frosted raspberry flavor

In addition to the characters, there are also images of iconic items related to each character. Spongebob, for example, has his pineapple house + his red necktie + his spatula. Patrick, on the other hand, has a pink starfish + rock house + Krabby Patty. If you want to know which items embody Squidward then you need to get yourself these Pop-Tarts and see for yourself.

Lucky shoppers have spotted these yummy goodies at Walmart stores. This limited edition offering comes in a 27 oz box containing 16 toaster pastries. These fully-baked pastries are ready to eat straight out of their packaging. You can also put them in the toaster or microwave if you prefer to eat them warm. Just make sure to remove the foil before heating. Or you can put the pouches in the freezer and allow it to cool for 20 minutes for that frosty goodness.


Source: Walmart