Italian Illustrator Mauro Gatti Was Fed Up With Hearing All The Bad News So He Created ‘The Happy Broadcast’

Bad news is everywhere and it’s almost impossible to bear the amount of negativity in the world. In order to show that there is also good in this world, Italian creative artist Mauro Gatti created The Happy Broadcast. This series of illustrations shows some of the positive news of 2019 that media failed to broadcast. Indeed, when you turn on the news, it feels like the world is crumbling. Natural calamities, killings, corruption, economic problems and more. These heartbreaking headlines can really get us down. To make it worse, bingeing on the news cycle can be bad for mental health. When it seems like everything is bad it can make us feel a little overwhelmed, stressed and even depressed.


But aren’t good things happening to?

In this world full of negative news, are there any positive things happening? Truth be told, there is so much good in this world. But these inspiring stories just don’t make it to the headlines as much as the negative ones do. People tend to pay more attention to bad news. This is mainly because the human brain is simply built with a greater sensitivity to unpleasant news. In his attempt to balance the good and the bad, the artist aims to acknowledge the positive events happening around the world.


“A potential solution could be to limit the amount of bad news, basically slow down our personal news cycle, adding some positive news to our “news diet” to make sure that our outlook on the world is more optimistic. Also, it’s very important to invest time to deal with misinformation and the reliability of news sources.”, Gatti explains.

Together with his fellow artists, Gatti came up vibrant illustrations to emphasize some of the most uplifting news from different parts of the world. Through this project the public can discover the brighter side of the coin that mainstream media often overlooks. If you’re also fed up with all the negativity, it’s time to look away from the bad news for the meantime. And focus more on the good news for a change. Besides, having our daily dose of heartwarming news can also prove beneficial to our mental health and overall wellbeing.

We’ve picked out the best illustrations to help restore your faith in humanity once again. You can also follow their official Instagram page to browse the entire collection and see their latest posts. From animal rights promotion, clever eco-solutions, equality and scientific innovations.


Take a look at some of the illustrations.

the happy broadcast malawi female chief


the happy broadcast northern white rhinos


the happy broadcast sweden blood donors


the happy broadcast amazon tribe wins legal battle


the happy broadcast india planted trees


the happy broadcast norway protects ecosystem

The Happy Broadcast will inspire and motivate you to view the world with a better outlook

the happy broadcast sea turtles population


the happy broadcast thailand organic packaging


the happy broadcast stem cell transplant


the happy broadcast netherlands country without stray dogs


the happy broadcast daytime disco for senior


the happy broadcast plastic bottle metro tickets


the happy broadcast duck pesticides


the happy broadcast canada bans dolphin captivity


the happy broadcast california shelter dogs


mauro gatti illustrations holland green roof


mauro gatti illustrations iceland gender equality


mauro gatti illustrations finland bee vaccine


mauro gatti illustrations german hologram circus


mauro gatti illustrations san francisco cuddle club


mauro gatti illustrations larvalbot


mauro gatti illustrations india daughter trees


mauro gatti illustrations plastic eating mushrooms


mauro gatti illustrations first mental health ambulance


mauro gatti illustrations stem cell test rare cancer


mauro gatti illustrations smart bins


mauro gatti illustrations peru deforestation


mauro gatti illustrations youtube against racist comments


mauro gatti illustrations knit giant sweaters for elephants


mauro gatti illustrations humpback whales


mauro gatti illustrations london bee corridor


the happy broadcast mexico fake plastic cactus juice


the happy broadcast baby elephants not for sale


the happy broadcast netherlands artificial wildlife island


the happy broadcast blood type conversion


the happy broadcast taiwan same sex marriage


the happy broadcast fortnite creator


the happy broadcast dog cancer detector


the happy broadcast uk reduced carbon emission


the happy broadcast black men higher class


mauro gatti illustrations galapagos iguana


mauro gatti illustrations greener world nasa


mauro gatti illustrations renewable energy sources


mauro gatti illustrations nigeria waste school fees


mauro gatti illustrations colombia visually impaired women breast cancer detection


mauro gatti illustrations global suicide rate reduced


mauro gatti illustrations ecuador gold mining


mauro gatti illustrations mathematics prestigious prize woman


mauro gatti illustrations feeding cows with seaweed


mauro gatti illustrations africa electricity

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