This Collapsible Cutting Board Is The Perfect Camping Companion

Make cooking while camping a breeze with this collapsible cutting board. Many of us think that camping is all about listening to nature, swinging in a hammock, watching trees blow in the breeze, stargazing and sleeping in a tent. This is why many campers spend a lot of time choosing the best camping gear available including tents, sleeping bags, picnic tables, benches, hammocks and flashlights. Apart from these essentials, camping just isn’t complete without delicious food. Hence, food and cooking tools are as equally essential as tents and hammocks.

And since you’ll be preparing and making the camping meals yourself, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got every cooking utensil you need. A set of kitchen knives to cut all types of food, a chopping board, a washing tub to wash the food, a colander to strain food, a mixing bowl to mix the ingredients and a basket to hold fruits and veggies. You really need to bring all of these if you want to make freshly cooked meals during your camping trip. Apparently, that’s a lot to bring along with you. But consider this problem solved because this cutting board will provide all the functionalities of these cooking essentials. So, you’ll only have to bring one tool instead.


This Collapsible Cutting Board Can Be Expanded Into A Basket Or A Wash Tub

expandable kitchen basin

This multi-purpose kitchen tool features a collapsible design so you can adjust its size to meet your needs. It can shapeshift from a cutting board into a fruit basket or into a washing tub. When flat, it serves as a durable chopping board. Pull both handles up to expand its height. It offers two levels of height to transform the board into a basket or a washing basin. Additionally, it has built-in draining holes at the bottom that you can open to drain the water away.

collapsible cutting board 3-in-1


collapsible cutting board details


expandable kitchen basin draining hole


collapsible cutting board multi-purpose

This collapsible cutting board measures 16.7 inches long, 12.2 inches wide and 1.2 inches thick when folded. But when fully expanded, it sizes up to 5.7 inches high. It is made of thermoplastic rubber and polypropylene plastic and is available in colors green and gray. You can also choose the smaller size measuring 15.7 inches long, 11.8 inches wide and it can be expanded up to 5.5 inches high.

expandable kitchen basin gray


collapsible cutting board wash tub draining hole


collapsible cutting board grey


expandable chopping mat

To make camp cooking a breeze, the cutting board also comes with multi-functional kitchen scissors that can be detached to be used as a kitchen knife, a peeler and a fish scale remover. The handles can also be used as a nut cracker, a bottle opener and a screwdriver. Imagine the amount of space you can save by leaving all these utensils behind. Just grab the multi-purpose chopping board and the multi-functional scissors and you’re all set. One customer review reads:

“You can wash, prep, and clean on this all-in-one bucket/cutting board. I’ve never seen anything more practical. With this, you can fill the bucket up, wash, drain, collapse, and cut without taking the produce out. I filled it up with water and carried it across the kitchen without dripping. Handles are strong, and the collapsible silicone part is thick yet flexible.”

multi-purpose chopping board with scissors


multi-functional scissors


collapsible cutting board with scissors

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