Oscar Mayer Fans Can Now Stay In The Famous Wienermobile For As Little As $136 Per Night

American processed-meat production company Oscar Mayer is famous for its delicious hot dogs, bacon, and cold cuts. But aside from its high-quality meat products, the firm is also notable for its series of unusual automobiles. In 1936, Oscar Mayer’s nephew created a vehicle shaped like a hot dog on a bun and called it ‘Wienermobile’. It was intended to advertise and promote Oscar Mayer products in the US. Since the vehicle is designed for advertising purposes only (not intended for public sale), it was manufactured in limited quantities only. It is said that there are currently around 6 active Wienermobiles traveling across the US. Some of the earlier models are either turned into museum pieces or auctioned as collector’s items. If you ever dream of seeing one, now is your perfect chance. In fact, you can stay for a night in a real Oscar Mayer Wienermobile via Airbnb.

airbnb oscar mayer wienermobile outdoor picnic zone

The host says “We’ve been driving a 27-foot-long hot dog around the country for the past couple of months. While traveling the hot dog highways we’ve seen some franktastic places and met some bunderful people. So, we’ve decided to share the love by renovating America’s favorite hot dog on wheels and turning it into a Wienermobile you can stay in overnight for the first time ever.”

airbnb oscar mayer wienermobile

Inside the classic Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is a cozy space for two complete with sitting area, bed, bathroom, and a picnic zone. What’s more, it includes a mini-fridge filled with Oscar Mayer hot dogs and a roller grill to cook them. Plus, you can take the roller grill home as a parting gift from the host. This awesome hot dog abode is located in Chicago with adjacent outdoor spaces. You and your buddy can have an outdoor picnic and eat as many hot dogs as you like. For only $136 per night, you can get this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and enjoy these amazing amenities.

airbnb oscar mayer wienermobile sitting area


airbnb oscar mayer wienermobile bed


airbnb oscar mayer wienermobile hotdog chairs


airbnb oscar mayer wienermobile pillows

For $136, you can stay overnight in this classic Oscar Mayer Wienermobile thru Airbnb

airbnb oscar mayer wienermobile adjacent outdoor

So, what does it take to spend a night in this classic Oscar Wienermobile? Reservation opportunities were rolled out throughout the day on July 24 wherein each booking is limited to one night only. Unfortunately for us, booking slots are quickly filled in. So, if you missed the chance, you can always check back to the Airbnb listing for the next booking opportunity.