Krispy Kreme Are Launching Kit Kat Donuts Dipped In Chocolate And Topped With Crushed Kit Kat

Are you a Krispy Kreme fanatic? If so, then we have great and terrible news for you from our favorite old shack of glazed rings—it’s launching two Kit Kat donuts! The sad part? They’re going to be available in Krispy Kreme UK only. But don’t get too emotional yet because it’s just for the time being.


Our new pair of donuts will come to us in no time but before it does, let us first get to know them and how they’re made. So, the first one is a chocolate-dipped Original Glazed donut partly covered in crushed Kit Kat. It’s topped with a milk chocolate Kit Kat bite. Its pair is dipped in white chocolate with half of it sprinkled with crushed Kit Kat as well. It’s finished off with a white chocolate KitKat bite. Can you imagine how they’re calling out to the sweet-tooths out there? Oh, wait, you!

This Krispy Kreme X Kit Kat collab is only up for a short time

We can only think and see them on the internet for now. But, if you’re currently in the United Kingdom or planning a trip to the English, you can find these delectables at any Krispy Kreme UK stores—only until October 13.

We have a newly-released pair of new donut flavors as well

Our friends from the other side may be graced with this surely-delicious pair of desserts, but we’ve had a fair share of different flavors too! Our favorite donut factory, Krispy Kreme, has released two Reese’s donuts just this summer. One’s a glazed donut stuffed with chocolate, and the other one’s a glazed donut stuffed with birthday cake batter. So we really can’t complain because we’ve got drool-worthy ones too!