40 Interesting Facts About Animals You Can Randomly Throw Out In Conversations

Sometimes, mind-blowing bits of trivia are all we need to improve our mood particularly when we’re feeling down. Add some interesting animal facts into the conversation and our gloomy day instantly becomes brighter. There’s no doubt that animals are amazing creatures, each to their own unique behaviors and personalities. We live among them and we treat them as dear companions. Indeed, we can’t survive a day without them. So, you might think you already know everything about these adorable members of the animal kingdom. But there’s more to them than we know.

Scroll down if you’re ready to learn some interesting animal facts that will surely feed your curious minds and warm up your hearts. Spread the good vibes and share this fascinating post to your friends to lighten up their spirits as well. It’s time to reveal the animal kingdom’s most intriguing secrets through these interesting animal facts.

“Cats Don’t Think Of Us As Humans. Instead, They See Us As Equals, Just Like Other Cats”


Tiger Populations Are On The Rise


“Sea Otters Hold Hands While They’re Sleeping So That They Don’t Drift Apart”


“When A Baby Elephant Is Born, Other Mothers In The Social Group Will Trumpet To Celebrate Or Announce The Baby’s Arrival”

Cats are dominant and impulsive. Dogs are friendly and playful. Dolphins are the smartest sea creatures and elephants have amazing memory span. These are some of the most common knowledge about our favorite animals. Truth be told, we may be looking at the tip of the iceberg. Let this list of interesting animal facts reveal some of the most surprising animal secrets that will blow your mind.

“Dogs Sneeze When Play Fighting To Show They Are Playing And Don’t Wanna Hurt You”


“Cows Have “Best Friends” And Are Happier When They’re With Them”


“There’s An Abandoned Minefield That Has Accidentally Created A Penguin Sanctuary. The Mines Keep Poachers Out, But The Penguins Are Too Small To Set Them Off”


“An Otter Will Find A Pebble As A Juvenile And Keep It For Their Whole Life”


Your Dog Probably Dreams About You


“There Are Little Tiny Harvest Mice That Sleep Inside Flowers”


“Pandas Are No Longer Considered An Endangered Species”


“Dogs Can Tell When You’re Due To Come Home By How Much Of Your Scent Is Remaining In The House”


“Bees Get Sleepy After Drinking Nectar And Occasionally Take Naps On Flowers”


“Dolphin Mothers Sing To Their Babies While They’re In The Womb”


“When Dogs Appear In Movies And TV, Sometimes They Have To Have Cgi Tails Because They Wag Too Much During The Scene”


“Ravens Can Remember Faces And You Can Befriend Them”


“Squirrels Adopt Other Baby Squirrels If They’re Orphaned”


“Your Dog Actually Loves You, Not Just Because You Give Them Food And Walks”


“Bees Make A “Whoop!” Sound When They Bump Into Each Other Or Are Startled”


“Penguins Not Only Mate For Life, They Will Also Spend Time To Find A Beautiful Pebble For Their Mate And Then “Propose” With It”


Goats And Cows Have Accents


“Some Tiny Spiders Wear Water Droplets As Hats”


“Dolphins Will Intentionally Play With Puffer Fish And Get Poked By The Spikes. The Poison In The Spikes Gets Them High”


“Tigers Are Unable To Purr, So In Order To Show Affection, They Close Their Eyes And “Chuff” Because Closing Their Eyes Means They Leave Themselves Vulnerable”


Some Penguins Are Ticklish


“Cows Take Turns In Babysitting Their Young. One Will Stay With The Calves While Other Moms Graze Further Away”


“Hundreds Of Trees Become Seedlings Every Year Because Of Squirrels Forgetting Where They Buried Their Food”


“Octopuses Make Cute Little Gardens By Collecting Stones And Shiny Things And Arranging Them In The Sand”


“It Takes Some Time For Baby Elephants To Get Control Of Their Trunks”


“Red Pandas Use Their Fluffy Tails As Blankets To Keep Warm When They Sleep”


“Prairie Dogs Say Hello By Kissing”


“Baby Elephants Suck On Their Trunk For Comfort”


“Ducks Like To Surf. They’ve Been Observed Riding Tides And Swimming Back To Ride Them Again”


“Some Fish Can Recognize Their Owner’s Face”


“Wolves Have Babysitters. Members Of The Pack Watch Over The Young When The Parents Go Hunting”


“Guinea Pigs Hop Up And Down When Excited And Apparently It’s Called “Popcorning””


Sea Horses Get “Married”


“Chinchilla Fur Is So Dense That It’s Very Bad For Them To Get Wet. So Instead Of Bathing In Water, They Bathe In Dust”


Dolphins Have Names For One Another


“Dragonflies And Damselflies Form A Heart With Their Tails When They Mate”


“Toucans Curl Into A Little Tiny Ball When They Sleep”


“Caribbean Sperm Whales Have Their Own Regional Accent”